December 2022 Blog Party: Celebrate!

It’s time for the final Genealogy Blog Party challenge of 2022 with Elizabeth O’Neal so it’s time to CELEBRATE!

Surnames in the Stufflebean Family Tree

I’ve accomplished quite a few things in 2022, both in genealogy research and in completing my goals (more on that at the end of this month).

However, what I am most proud of is the fact that, after ignoring, procrastinating or just plan putting off an important genealogy goal for several years, I’ve stuck with it.

I am well into my long time goal of cleaning up my genealogy software, which involves quite a bit of work. It’s not so much to do with mistakes, but relates to citing my sources more completely and, the real time killer, adding collateral ancestors into my tree that involves my mother’s Adams line, my Swedish Molin collateral lines and my Astle family.

I’ve compiled much of that information into Word docs to be able to easily share with distant cousins, but only added my own line, with a handful of collateral relatives, into my software program.

As for citing my sources, I’ve worked back to my 3X great grandparents.

This certainly isn’t as exciting as researching family lines or uncovering new photos or records, but it is vital for those with whom I share my work.

I haven’t finished this project – and I actually expect it will require a good part of 2023 to complete – but I’m proud that I finally tackled this important task.

In which 2022 genealogical accomplishments do you take pride?


2 thoughts on “December 2022 Blog Party: Celebrate!”

  1. What a monumental task, dealing with complete source citations. Congratulations on getting a head start! Plus as someone who really embraces collateral ancestors, it’s great that you’re adding those people to your tree.

  2. Good for you! This has been one of my goals on many a New Year’s resolution list, but has yet to be achieved. However, I have made a start with two generations of ancestors. Your post inspires me to keep at it! Happy Holidays and New Year.

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