Kravecz Family of Udol, Slovakia

This family is part of my one-place study of St. Dimitry’s Greek Catholic (today Byzantine Catholic) Church parish, serving Udol and Hajtovka, Slovakia, covering the years 1827-about 1920. I will be sharing family records, roughly once a week, until all families in the parish are posted. Be aware that ages at marriage and death frequently don’t match baptismal records, when found. If you have ancestors who lived in these two villages and would like to receive an invitation to a shared Dropbox folder, please leave a comment and I will contact you.


Kravecz, Alex & Helen Hnat, Ujak, GC, GC

  1. Helen, born c1811, married Demetrius Knap, born c1807, son of Demetrius Knap & Anna Kosztiszak, 6 February 1832

 Kravecz, Daniel & Susanna Knap, Hajtovka, GC, GC

  1. Susanna, born c1811, married Michael Arendacs, born c1807, son of John Arendacs & Elizabeth Polvnstka, 29 January 1832

Kravecz, Helen, Ujak, born c1772, buried 9 April 1832, aged 60 years

Kravecz, John (c1788-7 March 1860) & Helen Unknown (c1800-1869+), Hajtovka 9, GC

John died 7 March, buried 9 March 1860, aged 72 years.

Also in the home in 1869 were Stephen Fedus, born 1844, and Michael Murczko, servant, born 1851.

  1. Susanna, born c1845, Hajtovka; died 7 January, buried 9 January 1893; married Stephen Fedus (c1843-1869+), 15 May 1865

Kravecz, John & Anna Polontsik

  1. John, born c1805, married Maria Kositzcik?, 17 May 1830

Kravecz, John & Helen Velkyvanya, Hajtovka 9, GC, GC

  1. Maria, born c1825, buried 3 July 1843, aged 18 years
  2. John, born c1827, died 27 April, buried 29 April 1864, aged 37 years
  3. Helen, bp 19 December 1829
  4. Michael, bp 15 November 1832; died 28 April, buried 30 April 1864, aged 30 years
  5. Catherine, bp 29 July 1835
  6. Joseph, bp March 1838; buried 12 January 1840, aged 2 years
  7. Susanna, bp 30 March 1841

Kravecz, John & Anna Arendacs, Ujak, GC, None

  1. Andrew, bp 22 November 1832

Kravecz, John, born c1805 & Maria Kositzcik, born c1809, married 17 May 1830

Kravecz, John & Susanna Kucsera, Hajtovka 31, GC

  1. Anna, born 15 October, bp 16 October 1853; buried 18 October 1853, aged 5 days

Kravecz, Maria, of Plavec

  1. Demetrius, bp 8 November, bp 11 November 1857; buried 14 November 1857, aged 5 months (sic)

Kravecz, Susanna, widow, born Kolyar, born c1800, died 30 October, buried 1 November 1882, aged 82 years

Although there are few people in hajtovka or Udol with the Kravecz surname, it is a common name in the Presov region. These families are likely related to many others in nearby villages.

2 thoughts on “Kravecz Family of Udol, Slovakia”

  1. My grandmother is a Kravec(z), whose last name was changed to Kravitz, when she came to America (New York) in 1897. She was born in the village town of Felso Mirosov, Hungary in 1880.

    As a history major and history teacher in Texas for 36 years, I have done work on my father’s side of the family pretty well, but my mother’s side coming from the Hungarian or Slovakian side is tough and all I can go back to is 2nd great grandparents.

  2. I have ancestors from the village of Hajtovka, Slovakia. My Great Grandfather was born in the adjacent Plavnica village, but his father and paternal grandfather were born in Hajtovka. I have 3 generations of John (Janos or Joannes) Murcko’s (or Murczko). I also have a Great Great Great Grandmother, Catherina Kravec(z) who was born in Hajtovka.

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