Welsh Genealogy Research by John Rowlands & Beryl Evans, At a Glance: Book Review

Do you have Welsh ancestry? If so, there is a brand new Genealogy At  A Glance Guide  – Welsh Genealogy Research by John Rowlands and Beryl Evans.

The Genealogy at a Glance series from the Genealogical Publishing Company is an easily identifiable format, consisting of a heavily laminated four pages packed with excellent background information on a single topic.

The 2022 Welsh Genealogy Research follows this format, sharing a few quick facts and then going more into depth on Background, Language, Names and Naming Practices, Religion, Emigration, Key Genealogical Sources (Civil Registration, Church Records, Census Records, Nonconformist Records, Probate Records, Tithe Maps and Newspapers) and Online Resources.

There are also bonus TIPs at the end of each section. For example, it is noted that few Welsh were/are Anglican Church members, so it is important to understand the nonconformist church records available.

Further, each of the Key Genealogical Resources contains online links in addition to background information on the records.

Authors Rowlands and Evans have compiled a excellent handy guide for those who need help getting started in Welsh research. I know form experience that Wales isn’t an easy place to find ancestors, but the online resources cited are making me think it is time to take another look.

Welsh Genealogy Research by John Rowlands and Beryl Evans can be ordered online from Genealogical Publishing Company for $10.95. It’s a small investment for a lot of genealogical information!


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