Kacsmar Family of Udol, Slovakia & America

This family is part of my one-place study of St. Dimitry’s Greek Catholic (today Byzantine Catholic) Church parish, serving Udol and Hajtovka, Slovakia, covering the years 1827-about 1920. I will be sharing family records, roughly once a week, until all families in the parish are posted. Be aware that ages at marriage and death frequently don’t match baptismal records, when found. If you have ancestors who lived in these two villages and would like to receive an invitation to a shared Dropbox folder, please leave a comment and I will contact you.


Kacsmaroszemana, John (c1830-1853+) & Anna Kolyar of Ujak 6 (c1832-1853+), married 24 November 1853, Ujak 17

Kacsmar, John (c1838-1869+) & Maria Szoroka (bp 16 March 1844-1 February 1869), daughter of Michael Szoroka & Helen Fengya, married 21 November 1864, Ujak 72 & 77, GC, GC

Maria, wife of John, born Szoroka, Ujak, died 1 February, buried 3 February 1869, aged 28 years.

  1. Maria, born 12 May, bp 12 May 1866; died 17 May, buried 19 May 1866, aged 6 days

Kacsmar recte Mikulik, John (c1839-1892+) & Anna Dragan (bp 18 March 1849-31 January 1890), daughter of John Dragan & Catherine Havran, married 23 May 1869, Ujak 87, 92 & 103, GC, GC – See Mikulik.

Kacsmar, Joseph, son of Joseph, Ujak, born 3 August 1913, died 4 August, buried 6 August 1913, aged 1 day

Kacsmarojanka, Maria, of Starina, Ujak 23

  1. Lucas, born c1867, died 25 January, buried 27 January 1882, aged 15 years

Kacsmar, Michael & Susanna Hnatojurka, RC

  1. Michael, born c1814,  married Susanna Murczko, born c1818, daughter of John Murczko & Anna Hrinya, 24 January 1839

Kacsmar, Michael & Anna Csanda, Ujak, GC, GC

  1. Maria, bp 16 May 1830
  2. John, bp 17 October 1832

Kacsmar, Michael (c1814-1839+), son of Michael Kacsmar & Susanna Hnatojurka & Susanna Murczko (c1818-1839+), daughter of John Murczko & Anna Hrinya, married 24 January 1839, Ujak, RC, GC

Kacsmaroszemana recte Mikulik, Michael & Maria Fecsisin, GC – See Mikulik.

Kacsmaroszemana, Michael, born c1796 & Maria Hnatojanka, born c1800, married 20 November 1851

Kacsmar recte Mikulik, Michael & Maria Fengya/Ilyasa, Ujak 82 & 84, GC, GC – See Mikulik.

Kacsmaroszemana, Michael, Ujak 23, born cNovember 1859, died 10 July, buried 12 July 1862, aged 2 years, 8 months

 Kacsmar recte Mikulik, Nicholas & Maria Fengya, Ujak 66, GC, GC – See Mikulik.

Although this family seems to be small, Kacsmar is one of the aliases used by the very big Mikulik family in Udol.

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