Benjamin Parker of Campobello Island: 3rd Generation, Part 4

Today’s post will cover the youngest set of children of Benjamin Parker and wife Susan Herson. Three of the four children married and had children.

James A., born about 1848 on Campobello Island; died 1934. He married Susan E. Beaney on 3 November 1874 in Eastport, Washington, Maine. She was born 23 January 1852; died 1926. In 1881, the family was living on Deer Island. His half sister, Susan Carr, and her family lived two doors from him. Next door was his newlywed brother, Owen, Owen’s wife Catherine, and their mother, Susan Parker.  However, none of the family has been found after 1881, except for the gravestone of James and Susan in Eastport, Washington, Maine. NOTE: This is not the James, close in age, who married Adelia Boyd and had a large family.

Child (Parker):

1. Arthur I., born 1874; died after 1881 census; no further information.

Benjamin, reportedly born 25 July 1852, probably on Campobello Island. His death date has been given as 7 February 1941. He married Jane Adaline Leslie about 1877, as they have a 3 year old son in 1881. They also lived  on Deer Island, but not next door to the rest of the Parker family.

Child (Parker):

1. Lindon, born 12 December 1877; died 1967; married Agnes Ethel Gardner, c1903. They were the parents of five children – Davada, Florence Lillian, Edward Cecil, Elbert and Horace A.

Thomas, born c1853. He may have died young as he is not found after the 1861 census. There are no known descendants.

Owen Waters/Walters/Wellington, reportedly born 12 March 1858 on Campobello Island. His death date has been reported as 23 May 1944 in St. Andrews, New Brunswick, Canada. He married Catherine Anne Kelly about 1880, reportedly in Chamcook, New Brunswick.

Children (Parker):

1. James Robert, born 8 December 1881; married Lottie G. Maloney, 27 May 1904, Portland, Cumberland, Maine; no further information.
2. Nelson, born 17 November 1884; died after 1901 census; no further information.
3. Martin Luther, born 15 July 1887; married Mabel Claire Smith, 30 April 1919, Charlotte County, New Brunswick, Canada. They were the parents of at least one child – Nina Mae.
5. Cranmer Latimer, born 12 June 1890; married Florence Barry Parker, 29 July 1916, York, New Brunswick, Canada. They were the parents of two children – Jessie Jean and Jack Malvin Gilbert Hay.
6. George Skiffington, born 7 July 1893 or 8 July 1894; married Nora L. Griffin, 19 January 1918, Queens County, New Brunswick, Canada. They were the parents of at least one child – George Owen.

This completes the families of the grandchildren of Benjamin Parker (1787-1870) of Campobello Island.

If you are a cousin and can add any additional details, please leave a comment.

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