Robert Wilson & Dolly Holmes – Campobello Island: Thankful Wilson – Grandchildren, Part 3

Today we will look at the family of Rev. James Brown and his wife, Thankful Wilson, who was the fourth child and second daughter of Robert Wilson and Dolly Holmes.

James Brown was born c1797, New Brunswick, Canada. He died 1 February 1891 on Campobello Island, New Brunswick, Canada.

He married Thankful Wilson about 1821.

Interestingly, he is reported as a Church of England, or Episcopalian, minister in multiple censuses, but Thankful is reported as a Free Will Christian Baptist. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a wife whose religion differed from that of her minister husband.

James was also a justice of the peace and a member of the island militia with the rank of major and then captain. Unlike many other island residents, James was a farmer rather than a seafarer.

Thankful was born between 1799-1801, probably on Campobello Island, where her parents lived.

James and Thankful were the parents of ten children:

  1. Robert Wilson, born c1823; deid 13 May 1870, Campobello Island; married Susan Holmes, c1821. She was born c1830; died 1910. They were the parents of six children – Judson, Ernest, Almon, Robert, James and Roxanna. Roxanna’s 1911 Massachusetts death certificate gives her parents’ names.
  2. James, born c1824; died 13 July 1906, Campobello Island; married Esther Jane Babcock, 14 October 1846, Campobello Island. They were the parents of seven children – Ellen, Oliver, John, James, Calvin, Ida and Luther.
  3. Oliver, born c1826; died 9 December 1901, Campobello Island; married (1) Mary Jane Brown, 3 January 1849 (2) Mabel (MNU), by 1881. Oliver and Mary Jane were the parents of four children – Marsella, John, Emma and Thankful.
  4. Luther, born c1828; died 9 March 1856, Campobello Island; married Maria Parker, 2 January 1856, Campobello Island. Luther died a very short time after he married. Luther and Maria were parents of one son, Martin Luther.
  5. Alfred, born c1831; died 25 November 1902, Campobello Island; married (1) Frances Bassett, 3 May 1857, Campobello Island (2) Mary Starkey, c1862. Alfred and Fannie were the parents of Clara and William. Alfred and Mary were the parents of Hazen, Herman, Mary, Pamela, Nelia and John A.
  6. John Calvin, born 22 September 1833; died 8 December 1901, Campobello Island; married (1) Sarah Langmaid, c1857 (2) Eliza (MNU), by 1881. John and Sarah were the parents of two sons, Alendo and Alva. Other undocumented children are ascribed to them, but if they had others, they seemed to have all died in childhood. Only Alendo and Alva appear in the home with their father.
  7. Jeremiah, born March 1836; died 16 February 1878, Campobello Island; married Frances Tinker, 3 April 1864, Campobello Island. They were the parents of two children – daughter Etheling and son Luther.
  8. Bartholomew, born 30 August 1838; died 7 October 1922, Campobello Island; married Abigail Ann Wentworth, 12 November 1861, New Brunswick, Canada. They were the parents of six children – Frank, Casco, Carrie, Vernon, Victoria and Martin.
  9. Victoria, born c1842; died 24 June 1869, Campobello Island; married George Young, 30 September 1862, Campobello Island. Victoria gave birth to two children, neither of whom survived to adulthood. There are no descendants in this line.
  10. Cornelia, born c1845; died March 1871, Campobello Island; married John Melville Wilson, about 4 November 1864, New Brunswick, Canada. They were the parents of daughter Dalia, who died young and sons John W. and Vincent.

Here ends the grandchildren of Robert and Dolly Wilson through their daughter Thankful and Rev. James Brown.

Tomorrow’s post will feature the descendants of their youngest daughter, Silence Holmes Wilson and her husband, Thomas Nash.


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