Robert Wilson & Dolly Holmes – Campobello Island: Maria Wilson – Grandchildren, Part 2

Today, Part 2 in this Wilson-Homes series will look at the life of the eldest daughter of Robert Jr. and Dolly (Holmes) Wilson.

Children of Robert and Dolly Wilson:

1. John Woodward Wilson, born c1792; died shortly before 11 November 1826.
2. Maria, born c1794; died before 25 October 1828;
3. Thankful, born c1797; died 24 March 1887, Campobello Island, New Brunswick, Canada
4. Daniel/David, born c1799; died about 14 November 1829
5. Silence Holmes, born c1801; died after the 1871 census of Campobello Island
6. Jeremiah, born c1803/06; died 7 February 1871

Maria Wilson, born c1794, is my 4X great grandmother. she  died before 25 October 1828 when her death was announced in the Eastport Sentinel. [Note below that Benjamin remarried in July 1828, so Maria may have died in early 1828]

Maria married Benjamin Parker (1788-1870), 12 April 1812. Maria is not mentioned in her father’s will. However, he left a bequest to his grandson, Robert Wilson Parker.

Benjamin married (2) Olive Mitchell, 28 July 1828 (3) Susan Herson, 19 December 1848.

Children of Benjamin Parker and Maria Wilson:

1. Robert Wilson, born c1813; died before 1871, but the family is missing in 1860/1861 U.S. and Canada; married Jerusha Wilson, 19 March 1838, Eastport, Washington, Maine. Jerusha was born c1816 and died 18 March 1889, Campobello Island. They were the parents of seven children – Melvina, Maria, Son (name smudged on 18151 census), Mandy, Lucy, Mary and Robert.

2. Sarah Ann, born 1817; died 24 January 1900, Calais, Washington, Maine; married Daniel Adams of Deer Island, 15 September 1836, Deer Island, New Brunswick, Canada. They were the parents of nine children – Benjamin William, Emeline M., Calvin Segee, Charles Edward, Frances Caroline, Nelson James, Angeline Jane, Bertha M. and Lowell Robert.

3. Eliza J., born c1822; died between 1891-1901, probably Deer Island, New Brunswick, Canada; married Robert Rogerson, c1843. He was born c1808, Scotland; died 17 March 1860, Deer Island, New Brunswick, Canada. They were the parents of five children – John, Jane, James, Isabel and Elvira.

4. Frances (Fannie), born c1823; died between 1891-1901, probably Campobello Island; married Thomas Mathews, c1843. He was born c1826; died between 1891-1901. they were the parents of three children – Cecilia J., James F., and John W.

5. Maria, born c1828; died between 1891-1901; married (1) Luther Brown, 2 January 1856. Luther was born 1828; died 9 March 1856, just 2 months after marriage. (2) John Mathews, 22 February 1864. He was born c1828; died between 1891-1901. As far as is known, Maria had just one child, a son, Martin Luther Brown, born c1856.

That’s it for the known children of Benjamin Parker and Maria Wilson.

Next in the series is Thankful Wilson, who married James Brown.

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