Henry Miller of Muhlenberg County, KY: Grandchildren

Today, we will look at the grandchildren of Henry and Susannah (MNU) Miller of Muhlenberg County, Kentucky, based on what I’ve been able to cobble together about their children.

There are seven known children of Henry and Susannah who married and had children of their own, so this will be a rather lengthy list:

  1. Catherine, born c1821, Tennessee; died after 1870, probably Muhlenberg County, Kentucky; married Nathan Harper, 13 September 1842, Muhlenberg County, Kentucky. He was born c1800, North Carolina; died between 1850-1860, probably Muhlenberg County, Kentucky.
  2. Mary A., born January 1825, Tennessee or Kentucky, per census reports; died after 1900, probably Muhlenberg County, Kentucky, where she was living with her son, Henry; married Meredith Lewis as his second wife, 26 January 1846, Muhlenberg County, Kentucky. He was born c1806, Virginia; died between 1860-1870
  3. Emiline, born c1831, Tennessee or Kentucky, per census reports; died between 1880-1900; married George A. Boothe, 8 August 1865, Muhlenberg County, Kentucky. He was born c1837, Pennsylvania; died after 1900, probably Muhlenberg County, Kentucky.
  4. Adaline, born c1831, Tennessee; died 22 March 1888, Muhlenberg County, Kentucky; married William Berry Doss, 9 September 1850, Muhlenberg County, Kentucky
  5. Martin D., born c1833, probably Warren County, Tennessee; died after 19 October 1868, when he was the security in the administration of his sister Mary Eva Lewis’s estate; married Jane Forehand, 12 July 1863, Muhlenberg County, Kentucky. Martin gave his place of birth in his marriage record.
  6. Susannah, born January 1835, probably Warren County, Tennessee; died 1910, when she was living with her son, family, and 1920, probably in Muhlenberg County, Kentucky; married Andrew M. Lewis, 18 February 1854, Muhlenberg County, Kentucky. He was born 18 January 1825; died 17 May 1900, Muhlenberg County, Kentucky, based on gravestone dates.
  7. Mary Eva, born c1838, possibly Kentucky; died before 19 October 1868, when administration of her estate began, Muhlenberg County, Kentucky; married John W. Lewis, 24 December 1857, Muhlenberg County, Kentucky. He was born c1837; died between 1860 and 1870.

Catherine and Nathan Harper were the parents of seven known children, although Nathan had other children with a first wife. All events are Muhlenberg County, unless noted otherwise.

Children (Harper):

  1. Louisa, born c1843; died after 1870
  2. Lucy, born 1844/1846; died 20 December 1878; married James Henry Nelson, 26 September 1863. He was born 1844; died 1918. They were the parents of five children.
  3. John Martin, born January 1847; died 1940; married Amanda Catherine Wood, 28 November 1866. she was born 1851; died 1950. They were the parents of ten children.
  4. Susan Anne, born 30 May 1848; died 13 December 1919; married (1) William Samuel Turner, 29 November 1866 (2) John Lewis Noffsinger, 22 November 1886. She had five Turner children and one Noffsinger.
  5. Nathan C., born 11 February 1850; died 26 February 1913; married (1) Louisa Nelson, c1869 (2) Elizabeth Frances Vincent, 2 November 1875, Daviess County, Kentucky. He had one child with Louisa and thirteen children with Elizabeth.
  6. Elizabeth, born c1852; died after 1870; no further record.
  7. Henry Jackson, born 30 August 1853; died 25 September 1928; married (1) Nancy Jane Sallee, 2 November 1872 (2) Mary Elizabeth Brown, 6 April 1886, Hopkins County, Kentucky. He had seven children with Nancy and three with Mary.

Mary A. and Meredith Lewis were the parents of five children, although Meredith had children with his first wife, Elizabeth Vincent:

Children: (Lewis)

  1. Henry J., born 8 November 1846; died 12 December 1914; married Mary Emily (MNU), c1904. She was born c1886 and reported giving birth to 3 children, one living, apparently Geneva May, aged 9, at home. However, they reported being married for six years, so Geneva may not be a child of Henry. Both reported being married only once.
  2. Mary S., born c1848; died after 1860; no further record.
  3. James William, born c1852; died after 1880; married Jennie Moore, 29 March 1880. She was born c1861. They had no children in 1880 and haven’t been found in 1900.
  4. Elizabeth, born c1852; died after 1870; no further record.
  5. Sylvester, born March 1854; died after 1900; married (1) Parilee Devine, 16 September 1874 (2) Princetta (Evitts) Wright, 28 February 1895. He had three daughters with Parilee.

Emiline and George A. Boothe had one daughter:

Child: (Booth)

  1. Mary Bell, born 17 July 1866; died 1965, Sedgewick County, Kansas; married (1) John R. Hattler, 10 October 1885 (2) James Edward (Apgar?) O’Neil(?), c1896. John was born c1856, New York and reported on his marriage record that his father was born in France. He was a cook. Mary reportedly had a daughter, Addie, born in 1889, but I have not found any trace of her. Mary hasn’t been found in 1900. John Edward O’Neil has an odd note on FamilySearch about it not being known why he changed his name from Apgar to O’Neil. No marriage record has been found, but Mary and James are enumerated in Pittsburg County, Oklahoma. Both report a second marriage and Mary says she has given birth to nine children, with seven still living. Therefore, there are likely descendants, but it will take a lot more sleuthing to figure out this family.

Adaline and William Berry Doss were the parents of eight children:

Children: (Doss)

  1. Joel Henry, born 25 February 1851; died 9 January 1903; married Nancy Elizabeth Harris, 10 December 1873. She was born 1857; died 24 December 1924. They were the parents of eight children, with six living in 1900.
  2. Susan Elizabeth, born 13 January 1855; died 14 September 1914, Terre Haute, Vigo, Indiana; married James Paul Veller, 26 July 1884. He was born 1832, France; died 1910, Ohio County, Kentucky. They were the parents of six children, with five living in 1900.
  3. James Berry, born 23 February 1857; died 1 January 1925; married (1) Bettie Roland, 21 May 1877 (2) Clara Fannie Vaden, 9 September 1907, Smith County, Tennessee. She was born 1890.  James had seven children, with four living in 1900 with Bettie and two more children with Fannie.
  4. Nancy, born 1859; died between 1860-1870; no further record
  5. Sarah Jane, born 18 July 1861; died 6 August 1948; married John Vincent, 24 December 1879. He was born 1854; died 1943. They were the parents of thirteen children, with eight living in 1910.
  6. Mary Ellen, born 17 January 1866; died 18 October 1948, Terre Haute, Vigo, Indiana; married (1) James Monroe Bowling, 26 December 1888 (2) James W. Kellams, 29 March 1924, Vigo County, Indiana. She is buried in Ohio County, Kentucky. It is unknown whether she had any children, as she isn’t found in 1900, 1910 or 1920.
  7. William Thomas, born 6 August 1868; died 23 January 1934; married (1) C.A. Duvall, 2 August 1888 (2) Safrona Catherine Barrentine, c1890. She was born 1874; died 1939. they were the parents of two children.
  8. Alfred Jackson, born 30 May 1872; died 25 January 1925; married Mona Jane Cooper, 17 October 1893. They were the parents of seven children, with four living in 1920.

Martin D. Miller and Jane Forehand are a continuing mystery. Although they married in 1863, and Martin D. was named as a court security in October 1868, neither is found in 1870. There might be a clue, though, as Mary A. Lewis, Martin’s sister who married Meredith Lewis, is found in 1880 at home with a couple of her own children, in addition to William Miller, her 11 year old nephew, who was born in Illinois. The only choices for William’s father would be Martin or the unknown son of Henry and Susannah, born c1823. Unfortunately, neither Martin nor Jane or William can be found with any certainty in 1870.

Child: (Miller)

  1. Possibly William, born c1869, Illinois, who lived with his aunt, Mary Lewis, in Muhlenberg County in 1880.

Susannah and Andrew M. Lewis were the parents of nine children.

Children: (Lewis)

  1. Mary E., born 1855; died after 1850. She is NOT the Eliza Lewis who married William Redman. That was her cousin, daughter of John and Eva Lewis.
  2. John W., born 16 January 1857; died 30 January 1920, Daviess County, Kentucky; married (1) Martha Devine, c1882 (2) Jennie Bell Rager, c1889. Jennie was born 1872; died 1918. JOhn had one child with Martha and one with Jennie.
  3. Margaret J., born November 1858; died after 1920 census when several children and her mother, Susan, lived in the home; married Jesse Snodgrass, 23 February 1880. He was born 1846; died 1903. They were parents of nine children, all living in 1900 and of ten children, but one who had died by 1910.
  4. Sarah (possibly Sarah Louisa), born 11 April 1862; died 7 November 1935; married (1) James E. Williams (2) Samuel Anderson. She had seven children with James, but four living in 1900 and nine children by 1910, with five living. She had no known children with Samuel Anderson.
  5. Susan Emiline, born 6 February 1866; died 8 August 1940; married John Francis Smith, 5 July 1888. He was born 1857, England; died 1920. By 1910, they were the parents of seven children, with six living.
  6. Martha F., born 1869; died before 1900; married Thomas Hall, 4 October 1891. Thomas and sons Albert and Andrew H. boarded with John W. Lewis’s extended family.
  7. William Dayton, born 1874; died after 1920 census; married (1) Rosie Rager, 29 April 1895 (2) Priscilla Belle Combs, c1909. Belle died 5 September 1916, aged 30 years. In 1920, he was enumerated as widowed. He had three children with Rosie. Whether he had any with Belle can’t be determined.
  8. Pearl M., born May 1880; perhaps died soon after marriage; married J.V. Thomas, 21 January 1900. He was born 1880; died 1920; married (2) Daughter of Jessie Snodgrass and Maggie Lewis. She died of childbirth in 1910, only identified as Mrs. J. V. Thomas, born December 1880.

Mary Eva and John W. Lewis were the parents of three children. Both John and Eva died in the 1860s and the girls were raised by Andrew and Susan Lewis, as they lived with their family in 1870 and 1880.

Children: (Lewis)

  1. Eliza E., born 1858; died after 1880
  2. Mary B., born 1862; died after 1880
  3. Susan M., born 1865; died after 1880

If you are descended from any of the children of Henry and Susannah Miller, I would LOVE to make contact with you. Please leave a comment. 🙂

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