Descandants of Loyalists Robert & Catherine Carlisle, Part 9: Great Grandchildren Through Catherine

In the next to last post in this lengthy series, the descendants of Robert and Catherine (MNU) Carlisle through their daughter, Catherine, who married John Stewart, are spotlighted.

William Stewart3 (Catherine2, Robert1) was born c1818, New Brunswick, Canada; died 15 January 1899, Topsfield, Washington, Maine; married (1) Eunice. Eunice was born c1825, Portland, Cumberland, Maine; died by 1864. (2) Sarah L. (Crabtree) Lothrop, c1864. Sarah married (1) Daniel Lothrop. He was born 20 April 1821, Leeds, Androscoggin, Maine; died 9 February 1861, Topsfield, Washington, Maine. Her daughter Lucy Isabelle Lothrop married Daniel Lindsay and they lived at Carroll, Penobscot, Maine. Sarah went to live with them after William died.

In 1850, William and Eunice had Philemon Hurd, aged 4, living with them. Philemon was born in Lee, Penobscot, Maine per place of birth that the census taker listed that year. In 1860, the family was at Princeton, Washington, Maine with William, Eunice and Charles P. Stewart, aged 14. William and Eunice appear not to have had any children of their own and adopted Charles, who was born Philemon Hurd. Further support for the idea that Charles P. was born Philemon Hurd is found with the naming of his own son, Walter Hurd Stewart, born in October 1878, Maine. When William died, Sarah and daughter Carrie Tupper were named as the sole heirs to the estate.

William was well-to-do, showing a value of real and personal estates of $5500/$1000 in 1870, at which time he was listed as a merchant. His age varied somewhat from census to census, but he appears to have been born around 1818. Belle L., born 1859 and George B., born 1860, lived with and were enumerated as Stewarts in 1880. However, they were Sarah’s children by Daniel Lothrop and correctly enumerated as Lothrops in the 1870 household. In 1910, Sarah lived with her sister, Clara Corter and her husband, Martin, in Danforth, Washington, Maine.

Children: (Stewart)

  1. Charles P., born 1846, Lee, Penobscot, Maine; died after 1930, when he lived in Plainville, Norfolk, Massachusetts; married Augusta G. Getchell, 1874, Maine. Charles was adopted by William and Eunice Stewart and his name was changed from Philemon Hurd.
  2. Carrie M., born 12 March 1865, Princeton, Washington, Maine; married Byron Tupper, 1886, probably Topsfield, Washington, Maine; removed to Bangor, Penobscot, Maine.

Charles Augustus Stewart3 (Catherine2, Robert1) was born 1 July 1822, Charlotte, Washington, Maine; died 30 November 1894, Meddybemps, Washington, Maine of heart trouble; married Elida Ann Hicks, 6 July 1850 (intentions), Charlotte, Washington, Maine. Elida was born 1833, Buctouche, Kent, New Brunswick, Canada; died 20 February 1914, Calais, Washington, Maine. Elida was the daughter of Israel and Abigail Carlisle Hicks and was her husband’s first cousin. This branch of the family changed the surname spelling to “Stuart.” Family lore says that Elida felt the new spelling was more “French.”

Children: (Stewart/Stuart)

  1. Wallace, born May 1851, Meddybemps, Washington, Maine; died 20 April 1882, Meddybemps, Washington, Maine; married Annie M. Seymore, 4 May 1878, Lawrence, Essex, Massachusetts. Annie married (2) James O’Brien, 20 January 1892, Calais, Washington, Maine. Annie was born July 1859, Meddybemps, Washington, Maine; died after 1930, possibly Calais, Washington, Maine, where she lived with son John and his wife.
  2. Permelia M., born December 1852, Meddybemps, Washington, Maine; died 22 June 1854, Meddybemps, Washington, Maine.
  3. Felicia, born September 1854, Meddybemps, Washington, Maine; died 22 Aug 1861, Meddybemps, Washington, Maine.
  4. Harry Weston, born June 1858, Meddybemps, Washington, Maine; died 20 July 1911, Meddybemps, Washington, Maine; married Nancy Gilman Aldrich, 6 August 1879, Pembroke, Washington, Maine. She was born September 1860, Maine; died 1921, probably Providence, Providence, Rhode Island, as she lived with daughter Bertha’s family there in 1920.
  5. Melissa A./E., born August 1859, Meddybemps, Washington, Maine; died 11 May 1921, St. Stephen, Charlotte, New Brunswick, Canada; married Frederick Austin Findley, 22 Nov 1882, marriage is recorded in both Melrose, Middlesex, Massachusetts and Maynard, Middlesex, Massachusetts. He was born 27 July 1861, Andover, Essex, Massachusetts; died 1913; buried at Spring Grove Cemetery, Andover, Essex, Massachusetts with his parents. They had no children. In 1880, Melissa was living in Lawrence, Essex, Massachusetts, working in a cotton mill. A number of other Carlisle relatives all lived in Lawrence. In 1900, she was head of household living in Boston, Suffolk, MA with a dozen boarders. She is enumerated as widowed. However, Fred is found in Louisville, Jefferson, KY with wife Catharina Schindler (Katie). She was born 1849, Germany. They had been married for 10 years. It appears that Fred and Melissa divorced between 1882 and 1890. Melissa was head of household in 1910 in Brookline, Norfolk, MA with two boarders in 1910. She was enumerated as a widow with no children. In 1920, she lived with cousin Carrie Maude Lovell and her family in Watertown, Middlesex, MA.
  6. Carey M., born November 1866, Meddybemps, Washington, Maine; died 18 February 1869, Meddybemps, Washington, Maine.
  7. William Charles, born 12 March 1868, Meddybemps, Washington, Maine; died 21 December 1947, Arlington, Suffolk, Massachusetts; married Josephine May Sadler, 25 September 1896, Meddybemps, Washington, Maine. Josie was born May 1877, Cooper, Washington, Maine; died after 1940.
  8. Annie Maude, born 24 June 1874, Meddybemps, Washington, ME; died 10 September 1940, Ridgewood, Bergen, New Jersey; married Charles Edwin Adams, 21 September 1898, Worcester, Worcester, Massachusetts.

Nancy (Ann) Stewart3 (Catherine2, Robert1) was born 19 July 1827, Charlotte, Washington, Maine; married Thomas Jenkins, c1848, probably Washington County, Maine; died 7 April 1909, Easton, Aroostook, Maine. Thomas was born 1825, Wales; died after 1870.  The Charlotte town records seem to show a birth date of 19 July 1829, but this may be an error in either transcription or reading as Mary and Nancy lived together as widows in later life. Nancy’s birth date in 1900 is given as July 1827, while Mary gives hers as July 1829. Nancy reported that she had given birth to nine children, seven living. This family often reported ages of children and names (first/middle?) that didn’t match from census to census. There are three too many children in this family, based on family groupings from 1850-1880. In 1860, Nancy was enumerated in Bridgewater with six children; Thomas appears to have been enumerated alone in Monticello, four farms from John and Catherine Stewart, Nancy’s parents.

Children: (Jenkins)

1. Althea, born 1849, Blaine, Aroostook, Maine; died of chronic endocardiitis on 2 February 1913, Monticello, Aroostook, Maine; married Richard Wilkins, c1872. He was born May 1841, Maine; died 13 June 1915, Monticello, Aroostook, Maine.
2. Elvira Louisa, born 6 September 1851, Jackson Brook, Aroostook, Maine; died of pneumonia on 6 April 1922, Easton, Aroostook, Maine; married Robert Sparks.
3. Margaret, born c1854, Maine; died after 1860.
4. Howard Appleton, born August 1855, Maine; died after 1900, when mother Nancy and aunt Mary Howard lived with him in Mars Hill, Aroostook, Maine. He was unmarried.
5. Silas E., born 1858, ME; died after 1920, probably Aroostook County, ME; unmarried.
6. Robert (Elcander in 1870?), born June 1860, Maine; died after 1870.
7. John (Jack), born 1858, Maine; died after 1920, probably Aroostook County, Maine; unmarried.
8. Alec W., born Feb1864/5, Maine; died after 1920, probably Aroostook County, Maine; unmarried.
9. Olive Lucy, born 18 February 1868, Presque Isle, Aroostook, Maine; died after 1880.
10. Eleanor Jane, born 1863, Blaine, Aroostook, Maine; died 10 November 1913, Presque Isle, Aroostook, Maine when she fell from a ladder and fractured her spine; married George W. Whittaker.
11. Hannah, born 1870, Maine; died after 1880.

Mary Stewart3 (Catherine2, Robert1) was born 10 January 1830, Charlotte, Washington, Maine; died 2 October 1907, Oakfield, Aroostook, Maine; married Joel Hamilton Howard, c1860, probably Aroostook County, Maine. Joel was born 30 Sept 1823, Phillips, Franklin, Maine; died 7 May 1888, Linneus, Aroostook, Maine. He married (1) Mary Ann Corliss, c1850. She was born in Smyrna, Aroostook, Maine; died c1859, Linneus, Aroostook, Maine. She was the mother of the first four Howard children, Willard, born 25 Apr 1851, Herbert Orville, born 14 Apr 1853, Laura Edna, born 4 Mar 1855 and Lydia Adeline, born 8 Mar 1858; died young. This family lived in Linneus, Aroostook, Maine in 1860 and 1870, but removed to Oakfield by 1880. Mary Stewart Howard reported in 1900 that she was the mother of six children, three living at the time. In 1900, Mary was living with her also widowed sister, Nancy Jenkins, and two nephews in Easton, Aroostook, ME.

Children: (Howard)

  1. Walter, born 1861, Linneus, Aroostook County, Maine; died after 1880 and is buried at South Road Cemetery, Oakfield, Aroostook, Maine. Date of birth is on the stone, but no death date.
  2. Martha Ann, born 27 February 1862, Aroostook County, Maine; died 23 December 1934, Aroostook County, Maine; married Joseph Warren Huntley, 1881, probably Aroostook County, Maine. Joseph was born November 1860, Maine; died 1910-1920, probably Aroostook County, Maine.
  3. David Banford, born 14 August 1864, Linneus, Aroostook County, Maine; died after 1920, when he was a grocer enumerated in San Francisco, California; married Catherine (MNU), born c1885, Ireland; died after 1920. They had no children at home in 1920. He was in the census and the city directory as Banford Howard.
  4. Lydia Adeline (Lillie A.), born 1866, Aroostook County, Maine; died after 1880.
  5. Emma, born July 1868, Aroostook County, Maine; died 20 January 1911, New Limerick, Aroostook, Maine; married Benjamin Britton, c1890, probably Aroostook County, Maine. He was born 25 July 1835, Canada; died 23 January 1919, New Limerick, Aroostook, Maine.
  6. Rosa, born 1873, Aroostook County, Maine; died after 1880.

Abigail Stewart3 (Catherine2, Robert1) was born 25 August 1831, Charlotte, Washington, Maine; died 13 April 1910, Mars Hill, Aroostook, Maine; married Elijah Lincoln Sprague. He was born 29 August 1823, Charlotte, Washington, Maine; died 7 November 1884, Mars Hill, Aroostook, Maine.

Children: (Sprague)

 1. Araminta, born 1850/82, Charlotte, Washington, Maine; died 2 August 1907; married George H. Stewart, c1886. He was born c1852, New Hampshire. They had no children.
2. Augusta Eurana, born 15 March 1853, Charlotte, Washington, Maine; died 8 March 1889, Gorham, Cumberland, Maine; married (1) George H. Wentworth, 13 March 1874, Biddeford, York, Maine. They apparently went their separate ways. (2) Enoch Mabry, 1 January 1889, Haverhill, Essex, Massachusetts. He was born 10 January 1852, Maine; died 16 March 1923, Maine. It appears Augusta had no children.
3. Arthena Violetta, born 24 January 1856, Mars Hill, Aroostook, Maine; died 21 May 1944, Aroostook County, Maine; married Ambrose Woodbury Kneeland, He was born 10 January 1852; died 16 November 1923. In 1900, Arthena reported giving birth to 5 children with four still living, but I can account for three living and one who died before 1900.
4. Tressia/Teresa Putnam, born c1858, Mars Hill, Aroostook, Maine; died 3 June 1933, Mars Hill, Aroostook, Maine; married Clarence Edgar McPherson, c1895. He was born 1866, Aroostook County, Maine; died 9 October 1946, Aroostook County, Maine.
5. Etta M., born c1872, Aroostook County, Maine; died after 1880; no further record.

Tomorrow, we will complete the descendants of Robert and Catherine Carlisle, as we look at youngest daughter, Mary, who married Ira Hicks.

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