Benjamin Parker of Campobello Island: Children, Part 1

Last week, I finished a series covering the children and grandchildren of Robert Wilson and Dolly Holmes of Campobello Island, New Brunswick, Canada.

I realized that I’ve never covered the grandchildren of Benjamin Parker, by at least three wives, with the exception of my own line of Sarah Ann Parker, who married Daniel Adams in 1836.

I also want to comment on the death of Benjamin’s un-named wife in the Eastport Sentinel.

Benjamin Parker was born c1788, on Campobello Island, not long after the close of the American Revolution. His family were Loyalists from New Jersey. He died in October 1870, New Brunswick, Canada.

Benjamin Parker married at least three times:

  1. Maria Wilson, 12 April 1812, Campobello Island.
  2. Unknown – MAYBE!
  3. Susan Herson, 19 December 1848, probably Campobello Island.

Maria is my ancestress and, while it is certain she died before July 1828, there is a notice in the 25 October 1828 issue of the Eastport Sentinel: At Deer Island, NB,  no date, Mrs. Parker, w/o Benjamin Parker.

Researchers have accepted that Maria Wilson Parker died in 1828 and it certainly would have helped matters if an exact date of death was provided. Even better if her first name had been mentioned. However, notice that Benjamin married Olive Mitchell on 28 July 1828.

Why would a death notice for Maria Parker be published two months after Benjamin had remarried? It doesn’t make much sense. So, if Maria died long before July 1828, then it must be second wife Olive Mitchell who died just two months after marriage.

That opens a new can of worms because Benjamin has children at home in 1851 born in the 1830s. If Olive really did die right after marriage, Benjamin must have married someone else not long afterwards.

There is one more oddity about Benjamin’s wife, Susan Herson, and their marriage:

Bengaman Parker of the Parish of West Isles and Susan Herson of the same were married by Banns with consent of Parents (John Herson).

Why is this an oddity? By all accounts, Susan was born 1814-1817, so at the very least, she was 31 years old when she married. Banns were posted. Was her father’s consent just a notation about how happy he was that she was getting married??

Children of Benjamin & Maria (Wilson) Parker:

1. Robert Wilson, born c1813; died before 1871, but the family is missing in 1860/1861 U.S. and Canada; married Jerusha Wilson, 19 March 1838, Eastport, Washington, Maine. Jerusha was born c1816 and died 18 March 1889, Campobello Island. They were the parents of seven children – Melvina, Maria, Son (name smudged on 1851 census), Mandy, Lucy, Mary and Robert.
2. Sarah Ann, born 1817; died 24 January 1900, Calais, Washington, Maine; married Daniel Adams of Deer Island, 15 September 1836, Deer Island, New Brunswick, Canada. They were the parents of nine children – Benjamin William, Emeline M., Calvin Segee, Charles Edward, Frances Caroline, Nelson James, Angeline Jane, Bertha M. and Lowell Robert.
3. Eliza J., born c1822; died between 1891-1901, probably Deer Island, New Brunswick, Canada; married Robert Rogerson, c1843. He was born c1808, Scotland; died 17 March 1860, Deer Island, New Brunswick, Canada. They were the parents of five children – John, Jane, James, Isabel and Elvira.
4. Frances (Fannie), born c1823; died between 1891-1901, probably Campobello Island; married Thomas Mathews, c1843. He was born c1826; died between 1891-1901. They were the parents of three children – Cecilia J., James F., and John W.
5. Maria, born c1828; died between 1891-1901; married (1) Luther Brown, 2 January 1856. Luther was born 1828; died 9 March 1856, just 2 months after marriage. Her GUARDIAN, not named, gave consent for her marriage. I wonder if a Wilson took in newborn Maria when her mother died?  Their son, Martin Luther Brown, was living with his grandparents in 1861. (2) John Mathews, 22 February 1864. He was born c1828; died between 1891-1901. As far as is known, Maria had just one child, a son, Martin Luther Brown, born c1856.

Children of Benjamin & Olive (Mitchell) or an UNKNOWN third wife or children of Susan Herson:

NOTE: Susan Carr’s death certificate names her parents as Benjamin Parker and Susan Herson. However, she was born long before Benjamin and Susan married. Did she consider Susan her mother or was Susan her mother by a previous marriage and Benjamin Parker not her father? No death record has been found for George Edwin/Edward Parker, which might have shed light on the matter.

1. George Edwin/Edward, born May 1833, probably on Campobello Island and died after 1911 when he was living in St. Andrews, New Brunswick, Canada with his son Patrick. George married Eliza Ann Morrison about 1858. They were the parents of ten children – Patrick, Rebecca (Augusta Jane), John, Tobias Lord, George, Benjamin, Alexander, Adelaide and Addie.
2. Susanna, born about 1835/37, also probably on Campobello Island and died between 1900, when her family lived in South Portland, Cumberland County, Maine and 1911, when her widower husband was living in St. Andrews, New Brunswick, Canada. Susannah married William Louis Carr about 1862. They were the parents of five children – Harriet A., John Warren, Nahum H., Everett W. and Edmund.
3. Benjamin, born c1837; died after 1851 and probably before July 1852, when Benjamin and Susan named another son Benjamin.

Children of Benjamin and Susan (Herson) Parker:

  1. James A., born about 1848 on Campobello Island; died 1934. He married Susan E. Beaney on 3 November 1874 in Eastport, Washington, Maine. She was born 23 January 1852; died 1926. In 1881, the family was living on Deer Island. His half sister, Susan Carr, and her family lived two doors from him. Next door was his newlywed brother, Owen, Owen’s wife Catherine, and their mother, Susan Parker. James had one known son, Arthur I., born c1874. However, none of the family has been found after 1881, except for the gravestone of James and Susan in Eastport, Washington, Maine. NOTE: This is not the James, close in age, who married Adelia Boyd and had a large family.
  2. Benjamin, reportedly born 25 July 1852, probably on Campobello Island. His death date has been given as 7 February 1941. He married Jane Adaline Leslie about 1877, as they have a 3 year old son in 1881. They also lived  on Deer Island, but not next door to the rest of the Parker family. Benjamin had one known son, Lindon.
  3. Thomas, born c1853. He may have died young as he is not found after the 1861 census.
  4. Owen Waters/Walters/Wellington, reportedly born 12 March 1858 on Campobello Island. His death date has been reported as 23 May 1944 in St. Andrews, New Brunswick, Canada. He married Catherine Anne Kelly about 1880, reportedly in Chamcook, New Brunswick. Owen and Catherine were the parents of six children – Robert, Nelson, Luther, Susan, Cranmer and George Skiffington.

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