Benjamin Parker of Campobello Island: 3rd Generation, Part 3

Today, we’ll take a look at three children who may or may not be Parkers.

Benjamin Parker married Olive Mitchell on 28 July 1828 on Campobello Island, New Brunswick, Canada.

The Eastport Sentinel carried a death announcement on 25 October 1828 of Mrs. Parker, wife of Benjamin Parker. No other details were provided and, as far as I know, there was only one Benjamin Parker who could be marrying in that era.

That begs the question about whether Olive died a couple of months after her marriage and, if so, who did Benjamin marry by 1832 who would have given birth to George Edwin/Edward Parker? No marriage record has been found indicating a marriage to someone in between Olive Mitchel and Susan Herson.

There is another sticky wicket here in that Susanna Parker Carr’s death certificate names her parents as Benjamin Parker and Susan Herson. However, she was born long before Benjamin and Susan married.

Did she consider Susan her mother or was Susan her mother by a previous marriage and Benjamin Parker not her father? No death record has been found for George Edwin/Edward Parker, which might have shed light on the matter.

Is it possible that one or all of these three children were born to Susan Herson by another unknown marriage?

Some have conflated Olive Mitchell and Susan Herson into one person, with Susan marrying Benjamin in 1828, but that is wrong as I have images of both marriage records.

The only scenario that makes any sense to me is that there was another Benjamin Parker. There was, in fact, a Benjamin Parker born c1803, whom I’ve written about in the past.

I don’t have the answers to any of these questions or any proof of a possible married Benjamin Parker, but these three children were enumerated as Parkers in the 1851 census.

George Edwin/Edward, born May 1833, probably on Campobello Island and died 1924, Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts. George married Eliza Ann Morrison about 1858.

The names of their children are uncertain because there is a daughter Victoria Adelaide, born 1 June 1871, per late birth registration, but the 1881 census shows both an Adelaide, born 1877 and an Addie, born July 1880. Something is wrong here, both with Victoria’s birth date and two Adelaide/Addie daughters in 1881.

Unfortunately, this family hasn’t been found in 1900 or 1901, which would answer questions about the children.

Children (Parker):

1. Patrick, born 13 March 1858/59; died 10 November 1933, St. Andrews, Charlotte, New Brunswick, Canada; married Laura Emma Black, c1884. They were the parents of five children – Annie, William Charles, Lawrence and Marjorie.
2. Augusta Jane, who may be aka Rebecca, born 11 June 1860/61; died 20 October 1944; married William John Greenlaw, about 30 April 1885, when it was published in the newspaper. They were the parents of seven children – Ransford Arnold, Mildred, Delphina Harriet, Cecil Leslie, Lena Catherine, Charlotte Alene and Vincent John.
3. John Lincoln, born October 1863; died 1944, Massachusetts; married (1) Fannie Jane Linton, 23 July 1891, Carver, Plymouth, Massachusetts (2) Elizabeth Black, 30 August 1892, Carver, Plymouth, Massachusetts. John and Elizabeth were the parents of five children – Fannie M., Angus Lincoln, Emma Lavinia, Bessie Victoria and John Nelson.
4. Warren Wesley, born 1865; died 10 April 1938, Carver, Plymouth, Massachusetts; married Mary Catherine Selena Gross, 25 October 1890, Carver, Plymouth, Massachusetts. They were the parents of ten children – Bertha Jane, Abbie Emeline, Lena Adelaide, Theodore, Gertrude Louise, Elsie Rebecca, Irene Dorcas, Leslie Warren Allen, Olive Ellen and Barbara Marie.
5. Tobias Lord, born 1867; died after 30 March 1922, when he crossed into McAdam, New Brunswick, Canada;  married Alice Peterson, 11 September 1892, Plympton, Plymouth, Massachusetts. They were the parents of five children – Hattie Eliza, Susan A., Lois Frances, Annie Alberta and Ida Marion.
6. George, born 1871 (3 months old in census); no further information.
7. Adelaide Victoria, born 1871, or 1873 or July 1880; died 1 June 1966, Norfolk county, Massachusetts; married Alson Gilmore Churchill, 7 May 1893, Carver, Plymouth, Massachusetts. They were the parents of three children – Ethel Louis, Edith May and Myra.
8. Benjamin, born 1874; died after 1881. No further information.
9. Alexander, born 1 March 1876/79; died 14 February 1928, Plymouth County, Massachusetts; married Laura Ann Cole Bradford, 31 March 1907, Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts. They had no known children.
10. Martha Mary, born 25 July 1880; died 22 October 1956, Plymouth County, Massachusetts; married William Braddock, 25 June 1896, North Carver, Plymouth, Massachusetts. They were the parents of 11 children – George Allen, Edna Gertrude, Reuben Russell, Bessie Louise, Gladys Myrtle, Elna Blanche, Myron Alexander, Elmer Lafayette, Norman Clifton, Bertram Parker and Lester Irving.

Susanna, born about 1835/37, also probably on Campobello Island and died between 1900, when her family lived in South Portland, Cumberland County, Maine and 1911, when her widower husband was living in St. Andrews, New Brunswick, Canada. Susannah married William Louis Carr about 1862.

Children (Carr):

1. Harriet A., born January 1863; died 1938, probably Portland, Cumberland, Maine; married (1) Beecher Mosley, c 1885 (2) Charles W. Hathaway, 4 September 1913, Portland, Cumberland, Maine. Hattie and Beecher were the parents of four children – Lewis Bernard, Willard L., Lowell Edmond and Percy Reed.
2. John Warren,
born cNovember 1866; died 1928, probably Portland, Cumberland, Maine; married Jennie Quigley. They were the parents of six children – Nora Odessa, William Burnham, Hattie Amelia, Hilda May, Earl Way and Percy Walker.
3. Nahum H.,
born August 1867; died 1945; married Caroline B. Corkum, 9 June 1903, Portland, Cumberland, Maine. Nahum has no known children.
4. Everett W.,
born 8 April 1871; died 4 December 1935, probably Portland, Cumberland, Maine; married Laura B. Forsyth, c1902. They were the parents of two children – Preston Forsyth, who died at one year old and Lillian A., who married John Stults in 1921 in Portland.
5. Edmund,
born 1873; died between 1881-1891. Edmund has no known children.

Benjamin, born c1837; died after 1851 and probably before July 1852, when Benjamin and Susan named another son Benjamin. There are no descendants in this line.

At the moment, I have no idea if these three people were Parkers or children of Susan Herson by an unknown marriage. I suspect that future DNA matches might solve this mystery.

If they are Benjamin Parker’s children, there are many descendants through George and Susan.

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