Saturday Night Genealogy Fun: Your Plans to Travel for Onsite Genealogy Research

Saturday is here once again and Randy Seaver has this week’s challenge posted on Genea-Musings:

1)  Do you have plans to travel to do onsite genealogy research?

I have to admit that, although this is a suggestion I gave to Randy for SNGF the only plans for onsite genealogy travel have been in my head, and then for only a limited time.

While I’d love to go to the Family History Library, it’s either one flight from Phoenix after a 100 mile drive from Tucson or two flights from Tucson at a not-cheap cost.

With so much available online, my “to do” list in Salt Lake is fairly short and mostly limited to a few books that haven’t been digitized.

That would make for a very expensive trip without even considering running into Covid along the way.

There are also a handful of digitized collections on FamilySearch that can only be viewed in the library or in a family history center. I haven’t gotten to the center near me yet, but that will be a visit I’ll make when I have more than a couple of collections I’d like to view.

In terms of long haul travel, I’d still love to see the Stufflebean villages in Germany and my paternal ancestors’ villages in Slovakia, but that’s a bucket list item that may or may not ever happen.

That’s it for me – no real plans for onsite research aside from my local family history center!

2 thoughts on “Saturday Night Genealogy Fun: Your Plans to Travel for Onsite Genealogy Research”

  1. I’m fortunate that I volunteer at a FamilySearch Library in Oakland twice a month, so I get to view the images I need. I can’t really think of anything I have to get at the Library in SLC besides a book or two. But I love being there and would jump at a chance. I have enough SW points for a trip.

  2. I also volunteer at my local Family History Center, which is only about 3 miles from my home. I love having it so close, because it’s easy to drop in if I want to look at something. It sounds as though yours is probably not that close. But I do hope you get to take your trip to Germany and Slovakia!

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