Descendants of Loyalists Robert & Catherine Carlisle, Part 8: Great Grandchildren Through Abigail

Today’s family sketch covers the children of Abigail Carlisle, eldest daughter of Robert and Catherine Carlisle.

Abigail married Israel Hicks and, although family lore has assigned a good sized family to them, only three of their children are known to have married and had children of their own.

Note: Israel Hicks married (1) Mary Elizabeth Wry, 1807. She died i n1816, likely from birth complications. They had four children: Mariner, Silas, Pamelia and Israel Jr.

Ira Hicks3 (Abigail2, Robert1) was born 3 September 1821, New Brunswick, Canada; died 11 September 1908, McKees Mills, Kent, New Brunswick, Canada; married Matilda Abrams, November 1844, Buctouche, Kent, New Brunswick, Canada. Matilda was born 4 January 1826, Leicestershire, England; died 18 January 1905, Gladeside, Kent, New Brunswick, Canada. Their gravestone said they were the first settlers of Gladeside in 1847.

Children: (Hicks)

1. Abigail, born 12 August 1845, Kent, New Brunswick, Canada; died 27 Nov 1908; married Duncan McKay, 30 June 1890. He was born 1840; died 1906.
2. Deborah, born 11 September 1849, Kent, New Brunswick, Canada; died 28 March 1936; married Peleg Smith Jones, He was born 1 April 1833, New Brunswick, Canada; died 25 December 1913, New Brunswick, Canada.
3. John Abram, born 31 October 1852, Kent, New Brunswick, Canada; died 13 December 1928; married Mary Elizabeth McFarland. She was born February 1857; died 1944, Kent, New Brunswick, Canada.
4. Sarah Jane, born 31 July 1855, Kent, New Brunswick, Canada; died 14 August 1946, probably in Milton, Norfolk, Massachusetts, where she lived with her son and his wife in 1940; married Charles A. Geddes, 18 May 1876, Kent, New Brunswick, Canada. He was born 3 August 1853, Bristol County, Massachusetts; died 23 November 1911, Quincy, Norfolk, Massachusetts.
5. Ephraim Harris, born 4 December 1857, Kent, New Brunswick, Canada; died 30 November 1921; married Margaret Hyslop, c1879, New Brunswick, Canada. She was born 8 June 1860/61, New Brunswick, Canada; died 26 February 1927, New Brunswick, Canada.
6. James Ira, born 24 Mar 1859/60, Kent, New Brunswick, Canada; died 16 Mar 1938, Westmorland, New Brunswick, Canada; married Harriet Jane Sherwood, c1891. She was born 1866, New Brunswick, Canada; died 1952, New Brunswick, Canada.
7. Marguerite?, born 1861, Kent, New Brunswick, Canada; died young.
8. Elida Felicia, born 17 October 1863, Kent, New Brunswick, Canada; died 3 October 1946, Kent, New Brunswick, Canada; married Robert McConnell. He was born 7 December 1860, Kent, New Brunswick, Canada; died 9 August 1935, Kent, New Brunswick, Canada.
9. Emma Elizabeth, born 1 April 1866/7; died 11 December 1947, Milton, Norfolk, Massachusetts; married Willard Burton Jones. He was born c1862, Hodgdon, Aroostook, Maine; died after 1940, when he and Emma lived in Quincy, Norfolk, Massachusetts.

Elida Ann Hicks3 (Abigail2, Robert1) was born 1833, Buctouche, Kent, New Brunswick, Canada; married Charles Augustus Stewart, 6 July 1850 (inetntions), Calais, Washington, Maine.  Elida and Charles were first cousins.

Charles Augustus Stewart3 (Catherine2, Robert1) was born 1 July 1822, Charlotte, Washington, Maine; died 30 November 1894, Meddybemps, Washington, Maine of heart trouble; married Elida Ann Hicks, 6 July 1850 (intentions), Charlotte, Washington, Maine. Elida was born 1833, Buctouche, Kent, New Brunswick, Canada; died 20 February 1914, Calais, Washington, Maine. Elida was the daughter of Israel and Abigail Carlisle Hicks and was her husband’s first cousin. This branch of the family changed the surname spelling to “Stuart.” Family lore says that Elida felt the new spelling was more “French.”

Children: (Stewart/Stuart)

  1. Wallace, born May 1851, Meddybemps, Washington, Maine; died 20 April 1882, Meddybemps, Washington, Maine; married Annie M. Seymore, 4 May 1878, Lawrence, Essex, Massachusetts. Annie married (2) James O’Brien, 20 January 1892, Calais, Washington, Maine. Annie was born July 1859, Meddybemps, Washington, Maine; died after 1930, possibly Calais, Washington, Maine, where she lived with son John and his wife.
  2. Permelia M., born December 1852, Meddybemps, Washington, Maine; died 22 June 1854, Meddybemps, Washington, Maine.
  3. Felicia, born September 1854, Meddybemps, Washington, Maine; died 22 Aug 1861, Meddybemps, Washington, Maine.
  4. Harry Weston, born June 1858, Meddybemps, Washington, Maine; died 20 July 1911, Meddybemps, Washington, Maine; married Nancy Gilman Aldrich, 6 August 1879, Pembroke, Washington, Maine. She was born September 1860, Maine; died 1921, probably Providence, Providence, Rhode Island, as she lived with daughter Bertha’s family there in 1920.
  5. Melissa A./E., born August 1859, Meddybemps, Washington, Maine; died 11 May 1921, St. Stephen, Charlotte, New Brunswick, Canada; married Frederick Austin Findley, 22 Nov 1882, marriage is recorded in both Melrose, Middlesex, Massachusetts and Maynard, Middlesex, Massachusetts. He was born 27 July 1861, Andover, Essex, Massachusetts; died 1913; buried at Spring Grove Cemetery, Andover, Essex, Massachusetts with his parents. They had no children. In 1880, Melissa was living in Lawrence, Essex, Massachusetts, working in a cotton mill. A number of other Carlisle relatives all lived in Lawrence. In 1900, she was head of household living in Boston, Suffolk, MA with a dozen boarders. She is enumerated as widowed. However, Fred is found in Louisville, Jefferson, KY with wife Catharina Schindler (Katie). She was born 1849, Germany. They had been married for 10 years. It appears that Fred and Melissa divorced between 1882 and 1890. Melissa was head of household in 1910 in Brookline, Norfolk, MA with two boarders in 1910. She was enumerated as a widow with no children. In 1920, she lived with cousin Carrie Maude Lovell and her family in Watertown, Middlesex, MA.
  6. Carey M., born November 1866, Meddybemps, Washington, Maine; died 18 February 1869, Meddybemps, Washington, Maine.
  7. William Charles, born 12 March 1868, Meddybemps, Washington, Maine; died 21 December 1947, Arlington, Suffolk, Massachusetts; married Josephine May Sadler, 25 September 1896, Meddybemps, Washington, Maine. Josie was born May 1877, Cooper, Washington, Maine; died after 1940.
  8. Annie Maude, born 24 June 1874, Meddybemps, Washington, ME; died 10 September 1940, Ridgewood, Bergen, New Jersey; married Charles Edwin Adams, 21 September 1898, Worcester, Worcester, Massachusetts.

Valentine Hicks3 (Abigail2, Robert1) was born December 1834, New Brunswick, Canada; died 20 March 1912, Bangor, Penobscot, Maine; married Mary Ellen Nodding, c1862. She was born 12 January 1841, Deer Island, New Brunswick, Canada; died 26 May 1927, Perry, Washington, Maine. He was living in Robbinston, Washington, Maine in 1850 with his cousin Rosanna Merry’s family. He likely went back to New Brunswick to marry. Valentine’s mother, Abigail Carlisle, lived with them in 1870. In 1880, George Nodding (age 65) and Eliza Nodding (age 63) lived next door. In 1900, Mary reported having given birth to 9 children, five surviving. In 1920, Mary lived with Wallace and Etta Pottle.

Children: (Hicks)

  1. Harris M., born 1863, Robbinston, Washington, Maine; died 24 December 1884, Robbinston, Washington, Maine.
  2. George L., born May 1864, Robbinston, Washington, Maine; died 29 June 1887, Robbinston, Washington, MaineHoward Eugene, born 22 May1866, Robbinston, Washington, ME; died 14 July 1942, Ellensburg, Kittatas, Washington; married Mary Ellen Purchase, 26 November 1902, Green, Clay, Kansas. She was born 8 January 1878, Green, Clay, Kansas; died 4 June 1947, Seattle, King, Washington.
  3. Carrie Maude, born August 1869, Robbinston, Washington, Maine; died 1922, Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts; married Clifford Savery Lovell, 20 November 1890, South Robbinston, Washington, Maine. He was born 5 September 1868, Middleboro, Plymouth, Massachusetts. He married (2) Eva B. (MNU). She was born 1873, Massachusetts; died 30 April 1935, Massachusetts. Melissa Stuart Findley, daughter of Charles and Elida Hicks Stuart, lived with them in 1920.
  4. Eliza Evelyn, born 24 May 1872, Robbinston, Washington, Maine; died 14 August 1935, Farmington, Strafford, New Hampshire; married Walter F. Anderson, 14 October 1893, Robbinston, Washington, Maine. He was born 14 January 1870, Massachusetts; died 20 October 1938, Farmington, Strafford, New Hampshire.
  5. Lindsey Israel, born 19 August 1874, Robbinston, Washington, Maine; died 27 December 1894, Robbinston, Washington, Maine; unmarried.
  6. Lucy M., born 8 September 1876, Robbinston, Washington, Maine; died 1955, Robbinston, Washington, Maine; married Howard A. Cline, 26 February 1894, Robbinston, Washington, Maine. The Clines lived in Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts in 1920. Both were of South Robbinston, Washington, Maine when they married. Howard was born 10 February 1872, Robbinston, Washington, Maine; died 1956, probably Robbinston, Washington, Maine.
  7. Mary Etta, born 19 November 1879, Robbinston, Washington, Maine; died 1939, probably Perry, Washington, Maine; married Wallace Merril Pottle, 19 November 1903, Washington County, Maine. She lived in Robbinston and Wallace was from Perry, Maine. Mary Etta’s mother lived with the Pottles in 1920. Wallace was born 17 August 1880, Perry, Washington, Maine; died 1971, possibly Eastport, Washington, Maine.

Two daughters left to go – Catherine and Mary. 🙂


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