Descendants of Loyalists Robert & Catherine Carlisle, Part 7: Great Grandchildren Through Son John

Today, we’ll look at the Carlisle great grandchildren of Loyalist Robert & wife Catherine, who descend through their son, John.

Jane Carlisle3 (John2, Robert1) was born August 1814, New Brunswick, Canada; died of carcinoma on 25 October 1895, Bangor, Penobscot, Maine; married Mark Ellison, who was a joiner by trade, c1836. Mark was born December 1807, Barrington, Strafford, New Hampshire; died 16 April 1897, Bangor, Penobscot, Maine.

Children: (Ellison)

  1. Martha W., born 17 October 1837, Bangor, Penobscot, Maine; die 21 December 1915, Melrose, Middlesex, Massachusetts; married John Alexander Gill/McGill, 7 November 1856, Abington, Plymouth, Massachusetts. He was born 9 June 1836, Nova Scotia, Canada; died 8 March 1914, Melrose, Middlesex, Massachusetts.
  2. Charles H., born 1842, Maine; died 23 February 1882, Bangor, Penobscot, Maine. He served in the Civil War, Co. H, 2 ME Infantry; unmarried.
  3. Edwin R., born June 1844, Bangor, Washington, Maine; died 14 February 1853, Lawrence, Essex, Massachusetts. He died of a brain infection, aged 8 years, 8 months.
  4. Adeline Jane, born 1848, Lawrence, Essex, Massachusetts; died 28 June 1913, Bangor, Penobscot, Maine; married James Harvey Gilmore, 27 June 1867, Bangor, Penobscot, Maine. He was born 1836/39, Maine; died 23 March 1895, Bangor, Penobscot, Maine. No birth record has been found for Adeline in Massachusetts, but the 1855 Massachusetts state census gives towns of birth.
  5. Clara Ann, 28 February 1852, Lawrence, Essex, Massachusetts; died after 1940, possibly Lee, Strafford, new Hampshire, where they lived in 1940; married Henry Wells Milliken, 1875. He was born 10 August 1853, Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts; died 12 July 1941, Dover, Strafford, New Hampshire.
  6. Grace G., born 1854, Brookline, Massachusetts per the 1855 Massachusetts state census, which includes towns of birth; died 26 December 1927, probably Penobscot, Maine; married Charles A. Burrill, 1874, probably Penobscot County, Maine. He was born 6 February 1853, Brewer, Penobscot, Maine; died 1 August 1919, Brewer, Penobscot, Maine.

William Carlisle3 (John2, Robert1) was born 17 May 1816, New Brunswick, Canada; died 18 October 1899, Bangor, Penobscot, Maine; married Mary B. Fobes, 8 March 1845, Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts. She was born c1827, Massachusetts; died 23 April 1900, Bangor, Penobscot, Maine.


  1. Elizabeth Bartlett, born 7 January 1847, Abington, Barnstable, Massachusetts; died 17 May 1919, Penobscot County, Maine; married Lincoln Wheeldon. He was born 25 December 1839; died 18 September 1893, Bangor, Penobscot, Maine.
  2. Henrietta Brigham, born 31 August 1850, Abington, Barnstable, Massachusetts; died after 1930, when she and George lived in Boston in a home for the aged; married George Whitefield Higgins, 6 June 1883, Everett, Middlesex, Massachusetts. He was born 26 August 1852, Orleans, Barnstable, Massachusetts; died 29 May 1939, Massachusetts. They had no children.
  3. William Arthur, born c1864, Maine; married Lucille W. Richardson. Their 4 month old son, Harold D., died 24 August 1888, Bangor, Penobscot, Maine. They are last found in the birth record of their daughter Mary Etta, born 5 October 1891, Orleans, Barnstable, Massachusetts. In 1900, Mary is living with her aunt Lizzie Wheeldon’s family in Bangor, Penobscot, Maine.

 Joshua Cushing/ Cashen Carlisle3 (John2, Robert1) was born April 1818, New Brunswick, Canada; died 9 November 1866, Brewer, Penobscot, Maine; married Almira Pottle, c1853, possibly in Perry, Washington, Maine. This couple moved to Brewer after 18 October 1855 when they sold land in Robbinston, Washington, Maine to Harry Tucker and before the June 1860 census. Almira was born November 1831, Maine; died 28 July 1872, Brewer, Penobscot, Maine.


  1. Everett L., born 1854, probably Robbinston, Washington, Maine; likely died between 1880 and 1900, Brewer, Penobscot, Maine. He was the unmarried head of family in 1880 when he, his brothers Fred and Frank, and aunt Mary J. Pottle (aged 46) lived in the household.
  2. Frederick Gardner, born October 1856, Robbinston, Washington, Maine; died 15 Oct 1938, Maine; married Agnes Mary Gould, 25 December 1883, Brewer, Penobscot, Maine. She was born October 1856, Maine; died 21 Sept 1925, Brewer, Penobscot, Maine.
  3. Frank H., born March 1860, probably Brewer, Penobscot, Maine; died after 1900, when he lived in Old Town, Penobscot, Maine; married Ida F. Leonard, 25 May 1896, Penobscot County, Maine. She was born December 1871, Canada and came to the S. in 1885.

Robert Carlisle3 (John2, Robert1) was born 19 March 1820, Sussex Vale, Kings, New Brunswick, Canada; died 2 June 1864. He was naturalized on 27 August 1844, Belfast, Waldo, Maine. Although there is a death certificate filed in Bangor, Robert enlisted in Co. A, 31 ME Infantry and died at the Battle of Bethesda Church, Hanover County, Virginia during the Civil War. He was one of 670 Union soldiers who died in that battle; married Margaret W. Snow, c1853. Margaret was born c1832, Maine; died 17 September 1903, Hampden, Penobscot, Maine. Margaret Carlisle is living with her parents in 1880, with no sign of her children found anywhere.


  1. Robert Wendell, born 4 February 1854, Bangor, Penobscot, Maine; died 9 January 1910, Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts; married Cora E. Stetson, 5 November 1879, Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts. She was born c1858, Bangor, Penobscot, Maine. She may be the Cora Carlisle who is in the 1885 El Paso, Colorado mortality schedule, who died of consumption in February 1885. She had suffered from it for four months. Her age matches that of Cora Stetson, but no birthplace is given. Robert is found consistently in the Boston city directories, but hasn’t been found in the 1880 or 1900 censuses.
  2. Frederick William, born 27 August 1855, Bangor, Penobscot, Maine
  3. Mary Jane, born 16 July 1858, Bangor, Penobscot, Maine
  4. Charles, born c1862, Bangor, Penobscot, Maine
  5. Catherine, born c1866, Bangor, Penobscot, Maine

John Carlisle3 (John2, Robert1) was born c1823, New Brunswick, Canada; died 17 January 1902, Somerville, Middlesex, Massachusetts; married Nancy Ann Cushing, c1846. She was born 29 January 1818, Newburyport, Essex, Massachusetts; died 19 February 1894, Somerville, Middlesex, Massachusetts.


  1. ?Robert Edgar, born c1848; died young.
  2. Charles Willey, born 18 June 1850, Bangor, Penobscot, Maine; died after 1920; married Susan Eliza Fish, 17 October 1872, Charlestown, Suffolk, Massachusetts. She was born January 1851, Massachusetts; died after 1920.
  3. Henrietta (Etta) Noyes, born 4 February 1852, Bangor, Penobscot, Maine; died 25 June 1888, Sandwich, Barnstable, Massachusetts; married Braddock Edson Fish, 30 April 1874, Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts. He was born 27 December 1831, Massachusetts; died 1 October 1911, Sandwich, Barnstable, Massachusetts. Braddock married (2) Fanny B. Sanger, 5 October 1893, Boston, Middlesex, Massachusetts.
  4. Julia Livingston, born 10 August 1854, Bangor, Penobscot, Maine; died 15 November 1914, Somerville, Middlesex, Massachusetts; married Herbert Ervin Gustin, 5 October 1881, Charlestown, Suffolk, Massachusetts. He was born 25 July 1850, Fall River, Bristol, Massachusetts; died 24 October 1911, Somerville, Middlesex, Massachusetts.
  5. Horace Edgar, born 7 August 1856, Bangor, Penobscot, Maine; died 21 January 1921, Stoughton Norfolk, Massachusetts; married Annie Seward Merrill, 3 December 1884, Salisbury, Essex, Massachusetts. She was born 16 February 1862, Salisbury, Essex, Massachusetts; died 27 January 1948, Lomita, Los Angeles, California.
  6. Herbert Sumner, born 30 October 1858, Bangor, Penobscot, Maine; died 1910-1920, probably Bath, Sagadahoc, Maine; married Grace May Hart, 4 September 1899, Woburn, Middlesex, Massachusetts. She was born 1 May 1876/77, San Francisco, California; died 11 July 1942, Concord, Merricmack, New Hampshire. She married (2) Timothy Bowers Winn, between 1930-1940.

Ebenezer Warren Carlisle3 (John2, Robert1) was born December 1827, New Brunswick, Canada; died 17 March 1910, Colfax, Whitman, Washington; married (1) Lydia Matilda Syron/Cyron, 5/8 January 1856, Yamhill County, Oregon (2) Maria Ann (MNU). Maria was born c1840, Bloomington, McLean, Illinois; died between 1880 and 1900 census. In 1870, Alice and Flora were living with Syron grandparents.

Children (with Lydia):

  1. John Orvin, born January 1857, Oregon; died 1 December 1934, Spokane County, Washington; married Elizabeth Louise Brand, c1891, probably Spokane County, Washington. She was born 28 February 1858, Missouri; died 9 February 1939, Spokane, Spokane, Washington.
  2. Alice Jane, born 31 December 1859, Oregon; died 1 September 1935, Whitman County, Washington; married Joseph Dickenson, c1890, probably Whitman County, Washington. He was born January 1853, Canada; died 26 February 1935, Whitman County, Washington.
  3. Charles Ellison, born 15 October 1864/67, Oregon; died 12 June 1912, Culdesac, Nez Perce, Idaho; married Elma Florilla Stevens, probably Idaho. She was born 18 February 1885, Oregon; died 30 April 1965, Asotin County, Washington. She married (2) Rev. George Wallace Scott, 22 October 1914, Latah, Idaho. He was born c1880; died 5 February 1960, Seattle, King, Washington.
  4. Flora E., born c1866, Oregon; died after 1880, when she was at home.

Children (with Maria Ann):

  1. Walter, born c1875, Oregon; died 1 March 1949, The Dalles, Wasco, Oregon; married Ida Stranahan, c1908, Oregon. She was born 20 November 1880/81, Oregon; died 8 January 1981, The Dalles, Wasco, Oregon.
  2. Ida Victoria, born c1877, Oregon; died 16 July 1909, Northport, Stevens, Washington; unmarried.
  3. Richard Lee, born 2 December 1879, Yamhill County, Oregon; died after 1910. In 1910, he was unmarried and living in Fairbanks, Alaska. His WWI draft registration card shows him living in Hot Springs County, Wyoming and brother Walter Carlisle was his contact person. His WWII draft registration card gives an address in Gaines County, Texas. Walter was still his contact. Richard apparently never married.

Abraham Carlisle3 (James2, Robert1) was born 1812, New Brunswick, Canada; died 12 May 1875, Charlotte, Washington, Maine; married Anna A. Crow, c1850. Anne was born 1828, New Brunswick, Canada; perhaps died by 1880, as she is not found in the census. Abraham stated that he came to the U.S. in 1836. He apparently stayed behind in New Brunswick when his father moved to Maine in the late 1820’s. Anna’s maiden name is found on daughter Martha’s second marriage certificate in 1901, Worcester, Massachusetts. It is possible that Anna might have been the daughter of James Crow who married Hannah Carlisle in 1821. If so, then Abraham and Anna were first cousins, as were Charles Stewart and Elida Hicks.


  1. James Henry, born 16 December 1851, Charlotte, Washington, Maine (recorded 30 June 1859); died December 1859, Washington, Maine of scarlet fever.
  2. Hannah Elizabeth, born 22 Aug 1853, Charlotte, Washington, Maine (recorded 30 June 1859); died July 1942, Eastport, Washington, Maine; married George Phelps, 16 January 1872, Robbinston, Washington, Maine (intentions). She is not in her father’s household in 1870.
  3. Margaret Jane, born 19 August 1855, Charlotte, Washington, Maine (recorded 30 June 1859); died October 1869, Charlotte, Washington, Maine of typhoid fever. She was buried in an old family cemetery near the Robbinston line.
  4. Mary Maria, born 3 May 1858, Charlotte, Washington, Maine (recorded 30 June 1859); married John Frost, 21 November 1874 (intentions), Charlotte, Washington, Maine.
  5. George Edward, born 31 May 1860, Charlotte, Washington, Maine; died after 1880, when he was single and a farmer in Charlotte, living a few doors from his uncle, William Carlisle.
  6. Martha A., born 8 September 1863, Charlotte, Washington, Maine; married (1) James A. Corbett, 5 Apr 1879, Washington County, Maine. James was born 1851, Maine. James and Martha lived with his parents in Charlotte, Maine in 1880. This couple divorced before 1900. (2) Milton Stanton, 29 August 1901, Worcester, Worcester, Massachusetts. Milton was a widower, born 1855, Worcester, Massachusetts. In 1900, Martha reported that she had given birth to four children, all still living.

In a couple of weeks, we will continue with Robert’s and Catherine’s great grandchildren through their daughters.

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