Descendants of Loyalists Robert & Catherine Carlisle, Part 6: Great Grandchildren Through Son Daniel

Today’s family sketch includes mostly information that I’ve discovered in the last few months.

These are the children and grandchildren of Daniel and Elcey/Alison (Stover) Carlisle, so they are great grandchildren of Robert and Catherine Carlisle.

Peter Carlisle3 (Daniel2, Robert1) was born c1812, New Brunswick, Canada; died between 1880 – 1 July 1887, probably Klickitat County, Washington; married Nancy Newcombe, 7 July 1834, Ontario, Canada. She was born 15 September 1811, Nova Scotia, Canada; died after 7 July 1887, probably Klickitat County, Washington. Given that Daniel’s wife was an (assumed) daughter of Peter Stover, it would be expected that Daniel and Elcey would name a son for her father. In 1850, Peter Carlisle lived in Yamhill County, Oregon and reported his birthplace as New Brunswick, which is where Daniel would have been living at the time. One other fact, probably not a coincidence, is that Peter Stover and Peter Carlisle recorded consecutive deeds in Kent, Ontario, Canada in the early 1830s. Newcombe is a family name found in Kent County, Ontario. Naming a daughter Elcey is another indication that he was a son of Daniel and Elsie (Stover) Carlisle.


 1. George Peter, born c1835, Canada; died after 1880; married (1) Mary Moore, 9 October 1859, Multnomah County, Oregon. She was born c1844; died after 1870, probably Portland, Multnomah, Oregon. Their children were scattered in 1880. (2) Harriet (MNU) Tabor, by 1880. She married (1) Samuel J. Tabor and had two children with him. They were living with George and Harriet in 1880. George and Harriet appear not to have had any children together.

2. Elcey Ann, 7 July 1837, Canada; died 22 November 1916, Yamhill County, Oregon; married William Litton Toney, 4 March 1851, Yamhill County, Oregon. He was born 1827; died 1923.

3. Mary Jane, born 20 April 1842, Canada; died 22 January 1916, Klickitat County, Washington; married (1) Alonzo ( often found as Alanson) Wing, c1860. He was born c1840, Canada; died after 1883. This family is not found in 1900. (2) William Wallace Glidden, 23 September 1903, Klickitat County, Washington. William was born 1851; died 26 May 1924, Klickitat County, Washington.

4. James Edward, born c1844, Canada; died 4 March/May 1910, Eckville, Alberta, Canada; married Louisa Burwell Storey, 11 February 1865, Washington County, Oregon. She was born 1848; died 30 January 1890, Klickitat County, Washington. (2) Mary Jane Greenway, 27 April 1890, Klickitat County, Washington.

Eliza Jane Carlisle3 (Daniel2, Robert1) was born c1823, Kent, Ontario, Canada; died 13 February 1916, Howard County, Iowa; married Julius Fox Webster, 25 January 1841, Berrien County, Michigan. Julius was born 9 November 1818, Richland County, Ohio; died 18 August 1892, Howard County, Iowa. Eliza and Julius both reported living in Door Prairie, La Porte County, Indiana when they married. The 1840 census shows Daniel Carlisle and Asaph Webster living two doors apart.  Census records show Eliza born in Canada and a descendant added Kent County, Ontario.

Children: (Webster)

1. Cyrus Henry, born 1 February 1845/46, La Porte County, Indiana; died 18 April 1913, Howard County, Iowa; married (1) Clara Maude Deford, c1880, probably Iowa. She is identified as Native American. They apparently divorced before 1886, when she married Martin L. Luther. (2) Adaline Minchk, 14 October 1896, Kossuth County, Iowa. She was born 1871; died 1939. Cyrus and Clara had no children. Cyrus and Adaline had three sons.

2. Laura Jane, born c1847, La Porte County, Indiana; died 30 March 1923, Kossuth County, Iowa; married Henry T. Reed, c1870, probably Howard County, Iowa. He was born October 1846, Vermont; died 24 February 1924, Kossuth County, Iowa.

3. Mary Adelaide, born 24 June 1853, La Porte County, Indiana; died 3 June 1884, Iowa; married Ernest Dodge, c1872. She had one son, Ernest, born 18 February 1873 and died 23 January 1875, Howard County, Iowa. However, in 1880, Mary was enumerated in the Hospital for the Insane in Buchanan County, Iowa. Perhaps the loss of her son caused a breakdown.

Daniel Carlisle 3 (Daniel2, Robert1) was born c1825, Kent, Ontario, Canada; died (reportedly) December 1883, Fort Worth, Tarrant, Texas; married Minerva Adams, 13 August 1848, Fond du Lac, Grant, Wisconsin. Minerva was born 1828, Rochester, New York; died 1902, California. This couple divorced on 4 January 1877, per newspaper legal announcement) and, in 1880, Minerva was living in San Francisco and reported her marital status as divorced. Daniel was a California 49er and lived with his family in Oakland, Alameda, California for many years. In 1850, he lived in El Dorado County, California and, in 1860, the family was in Contra Costa County, California. By 1870, they lived in Oakland, Alameda, California.


  1. Eveline, born c1854, California; died after 1870; no further record.
  2. Ida E., born c1856, California; died 1923, Napa County, California; married George B. Rieman, c1875, probably Alameda County, California. He was born c1849, Pennsylvania; died 1880 1900. They lived next door to Minerva Carlisle in 1880 in San Francisco. The family appears in the 1883 city directory. George was a photographer. They had a stillborn son in 1876 and daughter Georgina B., born November 1879; died May 1904; unmarried.
  3. Eudora, born 28 February 1859/60, California; died 8 February 1928, Napa County, California; married (1) John Davis Basnett. He was born January 1855, Missouri; died after 1900. (2) Harry E. Chapman, 11 December 1918, California. Eudora had two children.
  4. Laura, born August 1864, California; died between 1930-1940, California; married Jefferson M. Brown, c1882, probably Alameda County, California. He was born August 1860, Maine; died after 1940, possibly Mendocino County, California. Laura had five children.
  5. Herbert Leslie, born c1867, California; died 23 October 1933, Alameda County, California; married Daisy Abigail Stevens, 11 September 1893, Alameda County, California. Daisy was born March 1865, California; died 11 July 1951, Alameda County, California. They divorced between 1910-1920. Herbert had three children.
  6. Ada Mae, born 13 November 1871, Oakland, Alameda, California; died 31 December 1931, Petaluma, Sonoma, California; married William David Ayers, 31 October 1892, Alameda County, California. He was born March 1869, California; died 1929, Petaluma, Sonoma, California. Ada had three children.
  7. Forest Daniel, born 29 March 1875, Oakland, Alameda, California; died 22 September 1948, Alameda County, California; married Mary (MNU), c1909, probably Alameda County, California. They divorced before 1920 and may have had no children. (2) Hattie Runwill, 19 March 1921, Alameda County, California. Hattie was born 21 December 1872, California; died 10 January 1964, Alameda County, California. He was a barber in Oakland, Alameda, California in 1915. It appears Forest had no children.

James Carlisle3 (Daniel2, Robert1) was born c1826, Canada; died 1 March 1896, La Porte City, Black Hawk, Iowa; married Maria Helm/s, 17 August 1848, Fond du Lac, Grant, Wisconsin. She was born 1822, New York; died 1911, Black Hawk County, Iowa. Because there were no other Carlisles in Grant County, Wisconsin in 1850 and James and Daniel married only three days apart, it seems likely that they were brothers. There is a James A. Carlisle in El Dorado County, California in 1850. Although they weren’t living together, Daniel Carlisle was there in 1850. Finally, James and Maria named their first son Daniel James Carlisle, likely in honor of his father.


 1. Charlotte Vinton, born 2 January 1848, Iowa; died 4 December 1934, La Porte, Black Hawk, Iowa; married (1) John Joseph Wilmouth, 21 March 1861, Benton County, Iowa; He was born 22 June 1837; died 9 November 1887. (2) Francis Adalbert Hawkins, 20 September 1892, Benton County, Iowa. Francis was the husband of her deceased daughter, Ada.

2. Daniel James, born 26 December 1850, Iowa; died 1 February 1931, Nampa, Canyon, Idaho; married Margaret C. Campbell, 28 February 1877, Carroll County, Iowa. She was born 10 July 1856, Iowa; died 16 February, Nampa, Canyon, Idaho.

3. Sheldon, born c1857, Benton County, Iowa; died 1908; buried La Porte City, Black Hawk, Iowa; married (1) Allie Martin, c1876, probably Iowa. She was born c1860, Iowa; died 1880-1885 state census of Iowa when Sheldon is listed as a widower.The family lived in Tama County, Iowa in 1880. They had one son, Walter Sylvester, born 1878. (2) Mattie V. Palmer, 13 May 1885, Black Hawk County, Iowa. She was born May 1860, Illinois; died after 1900, when the family lived in Chicago.

 I believe there may be other children who I have yet to uncover who belong to Daniel and Elcey (Stover) Carlisle. Please contact me if you have a Carlisle ancestor who may be descended from them.

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