Descendants of Loyalists Robert & Catherine Carlisle, Part 5: Great Grandchildren Through Robert Jr.

Documenting the great grandchildren of Loyalists Robert and Catherine Carlisle is important because so many pieces of their family story are scattered across both Canada and the United States.

Through the years, many distant cousins have contacted me and I hope that some of the Carlisle clan will do the same. 🙂

Anna Carlisle3 (Robert2, Robert1) was born 14 August 1804, Kings County, New Brunswick, Canada; died 21 January 1891, Lapeer, Lapeer, Michigan: married Martin Finesy/ Fennacy, 20 April 1823, Sussex, Kings County, New Brunswick, Canada. Martin was likely born c1800; died before 1861, probably Harwich, Kent, Ontario, Canada, where Anna was living with her two daughters.

Children: (Finesy/Fennacy/Fennessey/Finnacy):

  1. Edward, born c1824, New Brunswick, Canada; died 5 March 1900, Blenhiem, Kent, Ontario, Canada; married Caroline Stover, 25 November 1845, Ontario, Canada. She was born c1826, Ireland; died 15 January 1901, Ontario, Canada.
  2. Eliza Ann, born c1826, Canada; died 1876; married Lauchlan A. McDougall, 18 November 1847, Lambton County, Ontario, Canada. She was likely a second wife, as he is found in Ontario land records in the 1830s and 1840s. Lauchlan was born 26 December 1814, Dover, Chatham, Ontario, Canada; died 6 May 1912, Wallaceburg, Kent, Ontario, Canada.
  3. Mary, born 18 May 1827, Harwich, Kent, Ontario. Canada; died 21 December 1912, Dryden, Lapeer, Michigan; married William Tyler, c1845, probably Ontario, Canada. He was born c1822, Quebec, Canada; died 12 June 1902, Deford, Tuscola, Michigan. This family moved to Lapeer County, Michigan
  4. ?Robert, born c1830; died young?
  5. James, born c1834, Ontario, Canada; died 23 January 1901, Kent, Ontario, Canada; married Amelia Stover, c1855, probably Ontario, Canada. She was born 29 May 1831, Chatham, Kent, Ontario, Canada; died 11 May 1923, Blenheim, Kent, Ontario, Canada.
  6. William, born c1837, Ontario, Canada; died 26 January 1890, Wallaceburg, Kent, Ontario, Canada; married Mary Abigail Thorne, c1861, probably Ontario, Canada. She was born September 1842, Ontario, Canada; died 2 December 1919, Chatham, Kent, Ontario, Canada.
  7. Ellen, born 4 June 1839, Kent, Ontario, Canada; died 21 October 1921, Kent, Ontario, Canada; married William Harris, c1856, probably Ontario, Canada. He was born c1832, Canada. Neither has been found, though, in the 1901 or 1911 Canadian censuses.
  8. ?Catherine, born c1841; died c1841
  9. ?Jane, born c1842; died c1852
  10. Margaret Abigail; born November 1846, Ontario, Canada; died 19 December 1920, Minnehaha County, South Dakota; married Albert Collins, 2 November 1864, Ontario, Canada. He was born c1843, England; died 25 May 1921, Sioux Falls, Minnehaha, South Dakota.
  11. Isabelle, born 1850, Ontario, Canada; died 18 October 1928, Lapeer County, Michigan; married Robert L. Harsen, 1 July 1873, St. Clair County, Michigan. He was born 12 November 1849, St. Clair County, Michigan; died 24 August 1946, Jackson county, Michigan.

 Catherine Carlisle3 (Robert2, Robert1) was born c1807, probably Kings County, New Brunswick, Canada; died 1890, Queens County, New Brunswick, Canada; married James Starkey, 6 February 1832, Queens County, New Brunswick, Canada. He was born c1801; died c1869, Queens County, New Brunswick, Canada.

Children (Starkey)

  1. Amy Susannah, born 6 November 1832, Queens County, New Brunswick, Canada; died 4 February 1928; married Jacob Clarke Corey, c1830, probably Queens County, New Brunswick, Canada. He was born c1822; died 1897, Queens County, New Brunswick, Canada.
  2. William, born c1836, New Brunswick, Canada; died 1871-1881, Kent, Queens, New Brunswick, Canada; married Emily E. Little. She was born 1843; died 1932.
  3. Samuel Morton, born 4 September or 10 October 1837, Queens County, New Brunswick, Canada; died 20 November 1921, Seattle, King, Washington; married Annie Tregoning Brent, before 1871. She was born 9 February 1837, Devon, England; died 30 April 1923, Seattle, King, Washington. Both are buried in Coles Island Cemetery, Queens, New Brunswick, Canada.

Hugh Carlisle3 (Robert2, Robert1) was born c1813, Nova Scotia, Canada; died 1851-1855, Kent, Ontario, Canada; married Johannah Shanahan, c1844, probably Ontario Canada, as her second husband. Johannah was born 1823/1829, Ireland and was Catholic. Hugh was Episcopalian. She married (1) Richard Fuller, 31 October 1843, Detroit, Wayne, Michigan and (3) Daniel Richmond, c1855, probably Ontario, Canada. She had one child, Mary Matilda, born c1844, Michigan, three children – John, Elizabeth and Martin – with Hugh and then seven children with Daniel Richmond.


1. John, born 1845/47, Ontario, Canada; died 1922, Ontario, Canada; married Susan Hyghman, 1 December 1870. She was born c1848, Ontario, Canada; died 1939. Martin Carlisle, who lived in Dover, was a witness.

2. Elizabeth Ann, born c1849, Ontario, Canada; married William John Loney. He was born 1864; died 1921.

3. Martin, born 19 June 1851/52, Wallaceburg, Kent, Ontario, Canada; married (1) Mary M. Toulouse, 4 December 1888, Kent, Ontario, Canada. (2) Anna Mack, 31 January 1917, Santa Ana, Orange, California. She was born c1852. Martin moved often. In June 1906, he lived in Detroit, Wayne, Michigan. He was naturalized on 10 August 1922 in Wayne County, Michigan and stated he was unmarried.

Next up will be the great grandchildren through son Daniel.


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