Descendants of Loyalists Robert & Catherine Carlisle, Part 4: Grandchildren Through Abigail, Catherine & Mary

We are down to the three daughters of Robert and Catherine Carlisle’s children who are known to have married and have descendants. They are daughters Abigail Hicks, Catherine Stewart and Mary Hicks.

Abigail Carlisle2 (Robert1) was born 1793, New Brunswick, Canada; died 27 March 1871, Meddybemps, Washington, Maine; married Israel Hicks, 9 March 1819, Shediac, Westmorland, New Brunswick, Canada. John Carlisle was a witness. This family lived in Buctouche, Kent, New Brunswick, Canada until Israel died in 1835. Documenting this family is difficult. Many years ago, distant cousins in Canada shared this list of children with me. However, the 1851 census of Kent County is missing and Abigail hasn’t been found in the 1861 census in Canada or in American censuses except for 1870, when she lived in Robbinston, Washington, Maine with son Valentine and his family. As the census was usually taken in the summer in these areas, perhaps Abigail traveled back and forth from Canada to Maine to visit her children and missed the census taker in both directions in 1860/1861.

Children: (Hicks)

  1. Ira, born September 1821, New Brunswick, Canada; died 12 September 1908, Kent, New Brunswick, Canada; married Matilda Abram, c1845. She was born 4 January 1826, England; died 18 January 1905, Kent, New Brunswick, Canada
  2. Polly, born c1823, New Brunswick, Canada; no further record
  3. Ephraim, born c1825, New Brunswick, Canada; no further record.
  4. William, born c1827, New Brunswick, Canada; no further record.
  5. David Harris, born December 1828, New Brunswick, Canada; died 27 December 1853, Meddybemps, Washington, Maine; unmarried. Gravestone says aged 25 years, 9 months.
  6. Charles, born c1831, New Brunswick, Canada; no further record.
  7. Elida Ann, born 1833, Buctouche, New Brunswick, Canada; died 20 February 1914, Calais, Washington, Maine; married Charles Stewart, 6 July 1850 (intentions), Calais, Washington, Maine. Charles was her first cousin, the son of Abigail’s sister, Catherine, and her husband, John Stewart. (See Catherine’s sketch below.)
  8. Valentine, born December 1834, New Brunswick, Canada; died 20 March 1912, Bangor, Penobscot, Maine; married Mary Ellen Nodding, c1862. They lived in Robbinston, Washington, Maine for years and then moved to Bangor, Penobscot, Maine. Mary Ellen was born 12 January 1841, New Brunswick, Canada; died 27 May 1927, Perry, Washington, Maine.

In any case, of Israel and Abigail’s children, only Ira, Elida and Valentine appear to have descendants. I have not found any trace of the existence of these other purported children. They may well have existed, but due to the lack of records and apparent early deaths, no proof has been found.

Catherine Carlisle2 (Robert1) was born c1791/98, New Brunswick, Canada; died after 1870, when she lived with her son, George, in Bridgewater, Aroostook, Maine; married John Stewart, 28 December 1814, Sussex, Kings, N.B., Canada. John was born c1785, New Brunswick, Canada; died 28 November 1869, Mars Hill, Aroostook, Maine, but lived in Bridgewater. The Eastport Sentinel death notice gives his age as 91 years, 3 months and 28 days, but that is too old. They removed to Charlotte, Maine by the time Charles was born in the summer of 1822. In 1850, they were living in Bridgewater, Aroostook, Maine, although their older children remained in the Calais, Maine area. In 1860, John and Catherine had 12 year old Charles Rankins from New Brunswick living with them. It is unknown if he was related to them. John was the son of Loyalist Walter Stewart from New York. It appears that John had a brother, William, who also died in Mars Hill from a fever in April 1869. He was 80 years old.

Children: (Stewart)

1. Son, born c1816, New Brunswick, Canada; no further record.
2. William, born 7 July 1817, Sussex Vale, Kings, New Brunswick, Canada; died 15 January 1899, Topsfield, Washington, Maine; married (1) Eunice (MNU). She was born c1825, in Portland, Cumberland, Maine per the 1850 census which listed birth towns for those living in Princeton, Washington, Maine; died 1860-1870. (2) Sarah L. (Crabtree) Lothrop, by 1865. She was born 25 May 1837/40, Topsfield, Washington, Maine; died 20 August 1915, Carroll, Penobscot, Maine; buried at Lindsay Cemetery, Carroll, Penobscot, Maine. She married (1) Daniel Lothrop. He was born 20 April 1821, Leeds, Androscoggin, Maine; died 9 February 1861, Topsfield, Washington, Maine. Her daughter Lucy Isabelle Lothrop married Daniel Lindsay and they lived at Carroll, Penobscot, Maine. Sarah went to live with them after William died. William’s naturalization paper says he moved to Maine in August 1820. He became a S. citizen in September 1844, Machias, Washington, Maine.
3. Charles Augustus, born 1 July 1822, Charlotte, Washington, Maine; died 24 November 1894, Meddybemps, Washington, Maine; married Elida Ann Hicks, 6 July 1850 (intentions), Calais, Washington, Maine. Elida was his first cousin, daughter of his aunt Abigail Carlisle and her husband, Israel Hicks.
4. Walter, born 15 August 1824, Charlotte, Washington, Maine; died 13 August 1853, Bridgewater, Aroostook, Maine. Apparently unmarried.
5. Robert Nelson, born 31 Aug 1826, Charlotte, Washington, Maine; died between October 1869, when his youngest child would have been conceived and 7 December 1875, when daughter Elerda (Elida?) died and her mother is called Mrs. Roach; married Eliza Augusta Grass, 16 March 1860, Charlotte, Washington, Maine. Eliza was the daughter of Israel Grass, also of Charlotte. The 1860 census includes Eliza, age 16, in the household. However, that doesn’t agree with the marriage date. Neither Robert nor Eliza have been found as a married couple in any census from 1860 onwards, but they moved to Canada, where Robert apparently died between July 1869- 7 December 1875. Eliza married (2) James H. Roach, before 1875 (3) John McNutt, 30 December 1896, Vanceboro, Washington, Maine.
6. Nancy/Ann, born 19 July 1827, Charlotte, Washington, Maine; died 7 April 1909, Easton, Aroostook, Maine; married Thomas Jenkins, c1848, probably Washington County, Maine. The Charlotte town records seem to show a birth date of 19 July 1829, but this may be an error in either transcription or reading as Mary and Nancy lived together as widows in later life. Nancy’s birth date in 1900 is given as July 1827, while Mary gives hers as July 1829.
7. Mary, born 20 July 1829, Charlotte, Washington, Maine; died 2 October 1907, Oakfield, Aroostook, Maine; married Joel Hamilton Howard, c1850, probably Aroostook County, Maine.
8. Abigail, born 25 August 1831, Charlotte, Washington, Maine; died 13 April 1910, Mars Hill, Aroostook, Maine; married Elijah Lincoln Sprague. He was born 29 August 1823, Charlotte, Washington, Maine; died 7 November 1884, Mars Hill, Aroostook, Maine.
9. Patty, born 10 October 1833, Charlotte, Washington, Maine; died 10 Nov 1833, Charlotte, Washington, Maine.
10. Myrta, born 21 January 1835, Charlotte, Washington, Maine; died after 1840 no further record.
11. George A., born 5/6 February 1838, Charlotte, Washington, Maine; died 6 July 1892, Bridgewater, Aroostook, ME; unmarried.
12. Eunice, born 31 August 1841, Charlotte, Washington, Maine; with family at Bridgewater in 1850. Eunice was living with the Joseph Washburn family in Township 9 Range 6, Aroostook, Maine in 1860. Her age was given as 16. No further record.

Mary Carlisle2 (Robert1) was born c1799, New Brunswick, Canada; died 31 August 1880, Wellington, Kent, New Brunswick, Canada; married Ira Hicks, 26 Oct 1819, both of Wellington. They were married by Thomas Astle with consent of parents. Ira was born c1790, Westmorland County, New Brunswick, Canada; died 17 June 1857, Wellington, Kent, New Brunswick, Canada.

Unfortunately, the 1851 census of Kent County has not survived and Ira died in 1857. To compound the problem, there are a LOT of Hicks extended family members in that era. However, there are two land deeds filed in 1862 (Kent County, New Brunswick, Canada Deed Book P:249-250) in which five of Ira’s heirs (Catherine, Israel J., Ira Jr., William S. and James with his wife Catherine sell to Robert C. Hicks their share in the land of Ira, deceased. Robert and Mary, his wife, then file a confirmation of the sale, which appears to be a settlement of Ira’s estate through the land sale. The siblings appear to have been listed in birth order and only James was married at the time.

Mary Carlisle Hicks’ obituary states that she was survived by five sons and two daughters. I believe that Sarah Hicks who married James Wood in the parish of Wellington Kent, New Brunswick, Canada on 13 June 1850 is likely the second daughter, based on the fact that Ansley Hicks was a witness. Ira and Mary did lose son Ansley in 1852. His death notice was published in New Brunswick newspapers. However, his age wasn’t given.

Children: (Hicks)

  1. Ansley, born 1820; died 1852 of consumption; unmarried. He has an original gravestone at Hillside Cemetery, where other family members are buried.
  2. Robert C(arlisle?), born c1824, Kent, New Brunswick, Canada; died after 1890; married Mary Dayley, 1 September 1853, Kent, New Brunswick, Canada.
  3. Catherine, born c1828, Kent, New Brunswick, Canada; unmarried in 1861 when she lived at home with her mother and brother, Ira.
  4. Mary, perhaps born c1830, Kent, New Brunswick Canada: died 10 September 1847; shares a gravestone that states sister to Ansley, but no age or birth year is given; unmarried.
  5. Sarah, born 21 August 1832, Kent, New Brunswick, Canada; died 27 December 1906, Kent, New Brunswick, Canada; married James Moor Wood, 13 June 1850, Wellington, Kent, New Brunswick, Canada. He was born 29 August 1823, Nova Scotia; died after 1911 census when he lived in Kent County with his son’s family.
  6. Israel, born c1834, Kent, New Brunswick, Canada; died 25 March 1911, John, New Brunswick, Canada; unmarried and at home in 1871. In 1901, he was living in an insane asylum in St. John.
  7. James, born c1836, Kent, New Brunswick, Canada; died between 1881-1891, probably Moncton, Westmorland, New Brunswick, Canada, but possibly Kent County or even Meddybemps, as one online person states; married Mary Catherine Doyle, 9 December 1860, Buctouche, Kent, New Brunswick, Canada. Catherine was born c1842, Nova Scotia, Canada; died 21 May 1912, Foxboro, Norfolk, Massachusetts. The family still lived in Moncton in 1891.
  8. Ira, born 27 March 1839, Kent, New Brunswick, Canada; died 4 January 1909, Buctouche, Kent, New Brunswick, Canada; unmarried and at home in 1861 and 1871. In 1901, a niece, Charlotte Wood, aged 39, lived with the family. However, he also had three children at home and the birth registration for daughter Mary names Charlotte Wood as their mother. No marriage record has been found.
  9. William S., born 1841, Kent, New Brunswick, Canada; died 1926, Kent, New Brunswick, Canada; married Patricia Ruth McAlmon. She was born 1846; died 1917. Both are buried at McKees Mills, Kent, New Brunswick, Canada.

That covers all of the known children and grandchildren of Loyalist Robert Carlisle and his wife, Catherine (MNU).

In the coming weeks, I will share one more generation of the Carlisle descendants – the great grandchildren.


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