Descendants of Loyalists Robert & Catherine Carlisle, Part 3: Grandchildren Through John & James

Today’s post in the continuing series about the descendants of Loyalists Robert & Catherine (MNU) Carlisle looks at the families of their third child and third son, James, along with eldest daughter, Catherine, who married John Stewart.

Like their older siblings, Robert and John, both James’s and Catherine’s families left New Brunswick. Following in the footsteps of their brother, John, or perhaps following along side of him, they, too, removed to Charlotte, Washington, Maine during the 1820s.

Even Robert and Catherine, their parents, left Kings County and settled in Maine. Robert died in Charlotte in 1834.

John Carlisle2 (Robert1) was born c1787, New Brunswick, Canada; died after June 1860, when he and “Lizzie” lived with Joshua and Almira’s family; married Elizabeth Cushing/Cashen, 21 Jan or Feb 1813, Newcastle, Northumberland, New Brunswick, Canada. No trace of a death record, cemetery record or probate can be found for John. Further, Elizabeth hasn’t been found in the 1870 census, but clearly moved to Massachusetts before she died in 1873. She was born c1794, Washington County, Maine; died 16 October 1873, Everett, Middlesex, Massachusetts. Her death certificate names her father as Joshua Cushing, born Hingham, Massachusetts. Her line can be traced and is clearly Cushing, not Cashen. Joshua Cushing was not a Loyalist, but moved from Massachusetts to Maine and Canada long after the war. John was of Sussex and Elizabeth lived in Newcastle when they married. John was a petitioner with William Ayer, Titus Thornton, Israel Hicks and others for the lease of marshlands in Wellington, Northumberland, New Brunswick, Canada on 7 March 1816 (PANB RS108, Microfilm #F4255). All children were baptized on 9 May 1828 in the Anglican Church in Sussex, Kings County, New Brunswick, Canada.


  1. Jane, born August 1814, New Brunswick, Canada; died of carcinoma on 25 October 1895, Bangor, Penobscot, Maine; married Mark Ellison, who was a joiner by trade, c1836. Mark was born December 1807, Barrington, Strafford, New Hampshire; died 16 April 1897, Bangor, Penobscot, Maine. They were the parents of six children.
  2. William Arthur, born 17 May 1816, New Brunswick, Canada; died 18 October 1899, Bangor, Penobscot, Maine; married Mary B. Fobes, 8 March 1845, Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts. She was born c1827, Massachusetts; died 23 April 1900, Bangor, Penobscot, Maine.
  3. Joshua Cushing/Cashen, born 1818, New Brunswick, Canada; died 9 November 1866, Brewer, Penobscot, ME; married Almira Pottle, c1853 possibly in Perry, Almira was born 18 November 1831, Perry, Washington, Maine; died 28 July 1872, Bangor, Penobscot, Maine. Joshua and Almira moved to Bangor, Penobscot, ME by June 1860 when his parents lived with them.
  4. Robert, born 19 March 1820, Sussex Vale, Kings, New Brunswick, Canada; died 2 June 1864. He was naturalized on 27 August 1844, Belfast, Waldo, Maine. Although there is a death certificate filed in Bangor, Robert enlisted in A, 31 ME Infantry and died at the Battle of Bethesda Church, Hanover County, Virginia during the Civil War. He was one of 670 Union soldiers who died in that battle; married Margaret W. Snow, c1853. Margaret was born c1832, Maine; died 17 September 1903, Hampden, Penobscot, Maine.
  5. Ann, born 1822, New Brunswick, Canada; died between 9 May 1828, when she was baptized, and the 1830 census, when there were no females in her age range in the home in Charlotte, Washington, Maine.
  6. John, born 1823, New Brunswick, Canada; died 17 January 1902, Somerville, Middlesex, Massachusetts; married Nancy Ann Cushing. She was born 29 January 1818, Newburyport, Essex, Massachusetts; died 19 February 1894, Somerville, Middlesex, Massachusetts.
  7. Mary, born 1826, New Brunswick, Canada; died after 1840, but no further record found for her. Not living with her parents in Bangor in 1850.
  8. Ebenezer Warren, born December 1827, New Brunswick, Canada; died 17 March 1910, Colfax, Whitman, Washington; married (1) Lydia Matilda Syron/Cyron, 5/8 January 1856, Yamhill County, Oregon (2) Maria Ann (MNU). Maria was born c1840, Bloomington, McLean, Illinois; died between 1880 and 1900 census. He was the parent of six children. John, Alice, and Charles were Lydia’s children and Walter, Ida and Richard’s mother was Miriam/Maria Ann.
  9. Son, born 1831-1835, probably Washington County, Maine; at home in 1840, but gone in 1850. No further record.
  10. Rebecca Elizabeth, born May 1833, either Charlotte or Pembroke, Washington, Maine; died 18 March 1916, Dixon, Lee, Illinois; married Alpheus Prescott, 15 June 1851, Haverhill, Essex, Massachusetts. They were the parents of four children, but only one daughter lived to adulthood, Lillian. She didn’t marry, so there are no descendants in this Prescott Rebecca lived with the Ellison family in Lawrence, Essex, Massachusetts in 1850.
  11. Daughter, born 1831-1835; at home in 1840, but gone in 1850. No further record.

James Carlisle2 (Robert1) was born 1785/9, New Brunswick, Canada; died August 1859 of dyspepsia, Charlotte, Washington, Maine; married (1) Ann Steeves, c1810. She was born 1790-95, St. John, New Brunswick, Canada; died 11 Nov 1838, Charlotte, Washington, Maine. (2) Martha Lord Doughty, married probably soon after Ann died – around January 1840; born 29 July 1810, New Brunswick, Canada; died 30 March 1887, Oshkosh, Winnebago, Wisconsin. She married (1) Daniel Doughty, 21 Dec 1826, Campobello, West Isles, New Brunswick, Canada. Daniel died in 1834. Martha survived James, who must have been ill for several months before he died as he recorded a deed on 30 Apr 1859 conveying all of his land and possessions to his wife, Martha. He died of dyspepsia.

Preponderance of evidence supports the premise that Martha was a Doughty. In 1850, James’s son William lived next door to his dad and stepmother. In William’s household are Benjamin Doughty, 22; Mary M. Doughty, 20, and James Doughty, 18, all born in New Brunswick, Canada. By 1870, Martha Carlisle was living in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Son Charles A. lived with Benjamin Doughty’s family in Oshkosh, Winnebago, Wisconsin. She was still with them in 1880. James and Nancy Doughty, who lived with Martha Carlisle in Charlotte in 1860, lived a couple of doors away from Benjamin in 1900. In 1910, Charles Carlisle’s widow, Emily, aged 57, returned from Minnesota to Oshkosh and resided with Benjamin Doughty, his daughter, Martha, daughter Mary Crank and granddaughter, Ruth W. Crank. The families were obviously very close. It appears that Martha’s three Doughty children were living with them at the time of the 1840 census. Son James Henry’s second marriage record in Brown County, Wisconsin also gives his mother’s name as “Martha Lord.”

Robert and Catherine Carlisle lived with their son James’s family in 1830 in Charlotte, Maine.


1. Abraham, born 1812, New Brunswick, Canada; died 12 May 1875, Charlotte, Washington, Maine; married Anna A. Crow. Anna was born c1828, New Brunswick, Canada; died after 1870. Abraham stated that he came to the S. in 1836. He apparently stayed behind in New Brunswick when his father moved to Maine in the late 1820’s.
2. Daughter, born c1816
3. William, born 22 May c1816/1818, New Brunswick, Canada; died 18 October 1899, Bangor, Penobscot, Maine; married Eliza Ann Blackwood, Eliza was born 7 November 1831, Pembroke, Washington, Maine; died 3 December 1910, Charlotte, Washington, Maine, aged 79 years and 1 month old. They were the parents of nine children.
4. Daughter, born c1820
5. Rosanna, born 1821; died 1900-1910; married James E. Merry of Pembroke, Washington, Maine, 1 January 1845. He was born 1818, Nova Scotia, Canada; died 1900-1910.
6. Rachel, born 23 September 1825, Maine; died 13 January 1917, Seattle, King, Washington; married Phillip Boyden Jr. of Robbinston, Washington, Maine, 17 August 1845.
7. Abigail, born 12 May 1830, Charlotte, Washington, Maine; died after 1910, probably Robbinston, Washington, Maine, where she lived with niece Hattie Vose; married George Huston, 7 April 1854, Charlotte, Washington, Maine. This couple has only been found in 1880 in Cortlandt, Westchester, New York in 1880 when niece Hattie E. Merry lived with them. George was born 1818, Maine; died before 1900. They apparently had no children.
8. Daughter, born c1838, Maine; died young.
9. George Edward (later always shown as George M./George Milton), born 1 January 1840, Charlotte, Washington, Maine; died 30 September 1899, Washington, DC of septicemia; Massachusetts death record lists him as a resident of Fall River, Bristol, Massachusetts and Washington, DC; married Sarah C. Stewart, 22 June 1859, Fall River, Bristol, Massachusetts. Sarah was the daughter of George Stewart of Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts. As far as is known, she was not related to the Stewart family of New Brunswick who married into the Carlisle family early on. She was born 1838, Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts; died 27 March 1903, Fall River, Bristol, Massachusetts of cardiac insufficiency.
10. James Henry, born 10 October 1843, Charlotte, Washington, Maine; died 1910-1920; married (1) Emeline E. Davis, by 1870, probably in Wisconsin, although no marriage record has been found. James was living in Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin in 1880. His mother-in-law was also living in the household, as was Hattie, his sister-in-law and Oliver and Esther Clements. Esther was also a sister-in-law. It appears this couple had no children. James was mentioned as living in Fort Howard (Green Bay) in her 1887 obituary. However, they have not been found in 1900. He married (2) Charlotte P. McMillen, 13 Aug 1903, Brown County, Wisconsin. Charlotte was born 1855, Canada; died after 1920, when she was widowed and lived with Frank and Mae Knapp in Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin. Charlotte was enumerated as a sister-in-law.
11. Charles Albert, born 3 July 1846, Charlotte, Washington, Maine; died 14 June 1906, MN; married Emily Sophia Collins, 30 July 1872, Oshkosh, Winnebago, Wisconsin. She was born 20 Sept 1852, Lewiston, Niagara, New York; died 7 December 1930, Minnesota. She was the daughter of Aaron W. Collins.
12. Harriet, born 12 June 1849, Charlotte, Washington, Maine; died after 1930, probably Black Wolf, Winnebago, Wisconsin; married William Howlett, 12 May 1868, Oshkosh, Winnebago, Wisconsin. He was born 21 October 1831, Prince Edward Island, Canada; died by 7 February 1930, Oshkosh, Winnebago, Wisconsin, when his obituary was published.

Next, we will look at the children of Abigail and Catherine Carlisle, both of whom happen to be my ancestresses, as Abigail’s daughter, Elida, married Catherine’s son, Charles and their sister, Mary Carlisle.


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