Glyucs Family of Udol, Slovakia

This family is part of my one-place study of St. Dimitry’s Greek Catholic (today Byzantine Catholic) Church parish, serving Udol and Hajtovka, Slovakia, covering the years 1827-about 1920. I will be sharing family records, roughly once a week, until all families in the parish are posted. Be aware that ages at marriage and death frequently don’t match baptismal records, when found. If you have ancestors who lived in these two villages and would like to receive an invitation to a shared Dropbox folder, please leave a comment and I will contact you.


Glyucs, John (c1839 in Plavnica-1869+), RC & Maria Bisz (c1848-1869+), Ujak, 69, RC, RC

They lived with Maria’s widowed mother in 1869.

  1. Michael, born 1869

Glyucs, John (c1846-1893+) & (1) Maria Drabisin (c1845-16 February 1886), Ujak 84, RC, GC

Maria, wife of John, born Drabisin, died 16 February, buried 18 February 1886, aged 41 years.

  1. Maria, born 18 September, bp 26 September 1871; married Joseph Kolyar alias Velkovanya, , born 24 March, bp 29 March 1863, son of Michael Kolyar alias Velkyvanya & Maria Kravecz of Ujak 46, 16 February 1890
  2. Anna, born 15 December, bp 28 December 1879; married Michael Kravcsak, born 26 December 1869, bp 1 January 1870, son of Andrew Kravcsak & Maria Csanda, 8 February 1897

Glyucs, John (c1846-1893+), widower & (2) Maria Vancso (c1846-5 February 1892), widow of Michael Scserbak, of Ujak 53, married 16 May 1886, Ujak 84, RC, GC

Maria was the widow of Michael Scserbak of Ujak 53 when she married in 1886. Maria, wife of John, died 5 February, buried 7 February 1892, aged 48 years. John married (3) Maria Pruzsinszky, widow of Michael Drabisin, 46, 19 September 1893

  1. John, born 30 April, bp 13 May 1888

Glyucs, John & Maria Hrinya, Ujak 6, GC, GC

  1. Helen, born 12 October, bp 19 October 1913; died 18 July, buried 20 July 1917, aged 4 years
  2. Anna, born 11 May, bp 14 May 1916

If you have the Glyucs surname in your family tree and there is a link to Udol, you also need to research the Roman Catholic church registers of nearby Plavnica, Slovakia for earlier generations.

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