Summertime Genealogy Education

Summer is almost here. Have you made plans for your genealogy education?

Here are a few ideas with costs ranging from free to a bit expensive:

The best deal in town are the webinars hosted by Legacy Family Tree and state genealogical societies because they are FREE if you register and watch them live. The only downside to free is that if you are not a member of the hosting organization, you may not access handouts.

Visit Legacy Family Tree Webinars and GeneaWebinars for topics coming up soon.

The Family History Library also offers free classes online every month.

Next, bookmark Conference Keeper, a free calendar of genealogical presentations, both virtual and in-person, free and paid. Many organizations add their events to the Conference Keeper calendar and many are free if viewed live.

Legacy Family Tree Webinars has a library of literally well over 500 webinars and offers several new webinars each week. A yearly subscription is $49.95 – a bargain for all the access.

If that stretches your budget to much, how does $9.95 sound? Legacy Family Tree also offers a monthly subscription. Sign up for just one month for $9.95 and binge-watch all the webinars you can fit in 30 days – plus access all the handouts – and you will have honed your research skills immensely!

Not inexpensive:
If you are ready to splurge and tackle an institute – a one-week class on a single topic, there are several summertime offerings. Registration for each opens months beforehand. However, you might find a class spot open here and there. Otherwise, add it to your 2023 calendar.:

IGHR (Institute of Genealogy & History Research)

GRIP (Genealogy Research Institute of Pittsburgh)

SLIG (Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy) – SLIG is held in January, but registration opens in July and fills up quickly

Gen-Fed (Genealogical Institute on Federal Records)  – Because of the pandemic, Gen-Fed was not held in 2020 and those who had registered were carried over to 2021. These seats go really quickly, so if you are interested, bookmark the page and watch for 2023 information.

As you can see, there is no reason why everyone can’t hone their genealogical research skills this summer!

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