Saturday Night Genealogy Fun: How Many Find a Grave Entries?

This week’s SNGF challenge from Randy Seaver on Genea-Musings is quite straightforward:

1)  How many entries are there on Find A Grave for your exact current surname, and the birth surnames of your grandparents?  What about your spouse’s grandparents birth surnames?

Most of the grandparents’ surnames in my and my husband’s family trees are fairly uncommon, although two of mine are extremely common and the number of entries reflects that.

My current surname:
Stufflebean – 447 entries

My grandparents:
Kucharik – 210, Sabo 14,560 (My paternal great grandfather changed the family name from Kucharik (Cook) to Sabo (Tailor).
Scerbak – 82
Adams – 398,024
Coleman – 145, 089

My husband’s grandparents:
Brasher –
Sturgell –
Nation –

There weren’t any real surprises with the numbers for the grandparents’ surnames. All seem quite reasonable based on my knowledge of the surnames’ frequencies.

Thanks, Randy, for this week’s challenge. It was a fun way to look at numbers in a slightly different way.

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