Abram Arthur Bush & Grace Sophronia Cadwallader of Kalamazoo, Michigan

Abram Arthur Bush was born on 24 August 1865, the son of Robinson and Almena Bush. He married Grace Sophronia Cadwallader on 19 October 1886 in Hickory Corners, Barry, Michigan. Grace was born on 14 February 1867, the daughter of James M. and Imogene Cadwallader.

A.A. Bush, as he was known, and Grace were the parents of one son, Henry Cadwallader Bush, born on 13 March 1893. Sadly, Abram passed away on 30 July 1894, so Henry had no memories of his father.

Grace married (2) Frank Johnson on 22 March 1903, also in Barry County, Michigan. They were the parents of one daughter, Dorothy, born c1906.

Howard Cadwallader Bush married (1) Emily Lewis, 14 August 1914, Kalamazoo, Michigan and (2) Blanche Orah Grandbois. Howard passed away in October 1968 and is buried in Kalamazoo.

Howard was the father of Ann Elizabeth Bush, born in 1917. Her mother was Emily Lewis. He also had a son, Robert A., born c1923, but it isn’t evident whether he was the son of Emily or Blanche. Howard’s youngest child, Howard Morlan Bush, was born c1930. He was definitely the son of Blanche, as she had a brother named Morlan, which is not a common given name.

Because there are living descendants, no further information will be included about this family. However, this beautiful photo of Abram and Grace Bush is going home to a great grandchild.


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