John & Sarah (MNU) Whipple of Providence, RI, 1600s

It was a struggle piecing together children of Eleazer and Alice (Angell) Whipple the other day. The subjects of today’s family sketch are much simpler to detail because this John Whipple was in Dorchester, Massachusetts early enough – 1632 –  to be included in the Great Migration Study.

A word of caution before I begin – Sarah’s maiden name in UNKNOWN according to Robert Charles Anderson, who created the Great Migration Project. I won’t even repeat the undocumented surnames that she has been given. She is Sarah (MNU)!

Furthermore, some online sites show an English place of origin for John Whipple, himself. The church register identifies a WHAPLE family and there is NO PROOF that the John born in that family is the man who emigrated to Dorchester and then to Providence.

Also, if the John Whaple baptized in 1618 was a young infant, then there is an issue with John Whipple obtaining land in Providence in 1638, as he would not have been 21 years old.

John Whipple of Providence is apparently UNRELATED to John and Matthew Whipple of Ipswich, Massachusetts.

Therefore, the origin of John Whipple will remain as UNKNOWN, as will the maiden name of his wife, Sarah.

John Whipple was born c1617 or slightly earlier. He married Sarah (MNU), probably c1639. she was likely born c1618.

The Whipple left Dorchester for Providence, Rhode Island in 1658 and spent the rest of their lives there. John was a carpenter and tavern keeper.

John Whipple wrote his will on 8 May 1682 and died in Providence three years later, on 16 May 1685, said to be about 68 years old. Sarah predeceased him by many years, passing away in 1666.

The first 8 children were born in Dorchester. All other events were in Providence, unless noted otherwise.


  1. John, born c1640; died before 2 June 1682, when his will was proved; married (1) Mary Olney, 4 December 1663 (2) Rebecca Scott, 15 April 1678
  2. Sarah, baptized 6 February 1641/42; died after 12 May 1710, when Sarah gave up management of her affairs to her Arnold stepsons; married (1) John Smith, c1662. John died before 2 June 1682, when his will was proved. (2) Richard Arnold, who died before May 1710, when his estate administration began.
  3. Samuel, baptized 17 March 1643/44; died after 9 March 1711, when he wrote his will; married Mary Harris, c1669
  4. Eleazer, baptized 8 March 1645/46; died 25 August 1719; married Alice Angell, 26 January 1670
  5. Mary, baptized 9 April 1648; married Epenetus Olney, 9 March 1665/66. Epenetus died in 1698. I don’t know if Mary survived him or not.
  6. William, baptized 16 May 1652; died by 25 March 1711/12, when his will was proved; married Mary (MNU)
  7. Benjamin, baptized 4 June 1654; died 11 March 1703/04, per his estate inventory record; married Ruth Matthewson, 1 April 1686
  8. David, baptized 18 September 1656; died 18 December 1710, Rehoboth, Bristol, Massachusetts; married (1) Sarah Herndon, 15 May 1675 (2) Hannah Tower of Hingham, Massachusetts, 11 November 1677.
  9. Abigail, born c1658; died 19 August 1725;  married (1) Stephen Dexter, c1674 (2)?William Hopkins, January 1682
  10. Joseph, born c1660; died 28 April 1746; married Alice Smith, 20 May 1684
  11. Jonathan, born c1662; died 18 September 1721; married (1) Margery Angell, c1688 (2) Anne (MNU).

Needless to say, John and Sarah (MNU) have many descendants today.

My line of descent:

  1. John Whipple & Sarah
  2. Eleazer Whipple & Alice Angell
  3. John Wilkinson & Deborah Whipple
  4. John Wilkinson & Rebecca Scott
  5. Israel Thornton & Joanna Wilkinson
  6. Ira Hicks & Sarah Thornton
  7. Israel Hicks & Abigail Carlisle
  8. Charles Augustus Stewart & Elida Ann Hicks
  9. Charles Edwin Adams & Annie Maude Stewart
  10. Vernon Tarbox Adams & hazel Ethel Coleman
  11. George Michael Sabo & Doris Priscilla Adams
  12. Linda Anne Sabo Stufflebean – ME!


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