RootsTech Connect 2022 – Wrap Up + More to Come

Let’s start with the bad news first – RootsTech Connect 2022 – the live portion –  is now history.

The good news – RootsTech Connect 2022 sessions can be accessed online for at least one year.

While it’s true that the Expo Hall has closed, all of the keynote talks and class sessions, including vendor demonstrations, have been recorded.

If you didn’t register for RootsTech 2022, not to worry. It’s still not too late and you’ll be able to browse all 900+ recorded sessions on every imaginable topic related to genealogy.

Are you wondering where to begin? My previous posts about RootsTech should help you get started:

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RootsTech 2022 – Closing Day for Live Sessions + Your Next Steps

Be sure to check out my Expo Hall Parts 1 & 2 visits. Even though the hall is closed, the links in the post go directly to the company/organization websites so you can still learn all about a product that interests you or make a purchase (although conference discounts may have expired).

There were several big announcements from four of the conference’s major sponsors:

1950 U.S. Census Community Project at FamilySearch – Your chance to help index the census after it is released on 1 April 2022

Ancestry Integrates Photomyne’s Best-in-Class Technology to Help Mobile Customers Upload, Scan Enhance and Share Family Photos

Introducing LiveStory: Give Voice to Your Family Stories by Esther on MyHeritage Blog – Have your ancestor tell his/her own story and listen to it!

MyHeritage Releases Timeline! A new graphical representation of your family tree

Vivid-Pix Launches Memory Station at RootsTech 2022

I have tried out LiveStory and, while watching my long gone Nana tell the story of her life in a voice that wasn’t hers, it was a neat experience seeing her animated mouth moving from a photo of her I had uploaded. Even my husband thought it was pretty cool and he most definitely isn’t into family history!

Next, I’ll be trying out Timeline!, also new at My Heritage and I will visiting the 1950 U.S. Census project at FamilySearch to volunteer some time indexing the census, which will be released to the public on 2 April 2022.

Whether you attended RootsTech 2022 live this year or you are going to register to take advantage of the free learning opportunities the class sessions provide, start off by creating your playlist and then sit back and happily binge-watch! My post above for Closing Day + Your Next Steps explains how to creat your playlist. It’s super easy.

We have at least a year to access these classes. Oh, I forgot to mention one more thing. If you didn’t attend RootsTech 2021 last year, those 1500 talks are also still accessible. 🙂

You better get busy!


2 thoughts on “RootsTech Connect 2022 – Wrap Up + More to Come”

  1. I managed to watch a few sessions, but am so grateful that the rest will be up for the coming year…there’s only so much I can absorb at the end of a work day.

    The new thing from MH creeps me out even more than the pictures that move…but I know I’m in the minority there.

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