RootsTech 2022 – Closing Day for Live Sessions + Your Next Steps

Live sessions at RootsTech 2022 end at 5:00 p.m. today (MST). That means you still have an opportunity to attend live classes and visit the Expo Hall to finish up last minute shopping.

While the conference itself comes to a close, the fun will continue on. This year, there are 900 class sessions that have been recorded for your viewing pleasure.

If you haven’t yet registered for RootsTech, but would like to attend class sessions, it isn’t too late. Classes have been recorded and will be accessible online for at least one year.

If you’ve never attended RootsTech before, either in-person or virtually, and wonder what the class sessions are like, here is a sampling:

I Don’t Speak the Language! Translation Tips and Tricks with Katherine Schober

Workshop: Start Telling Your Own and Family Stories with Laura Hedgecock

Inferred Chromosome Mapping: Maximize Your DNA Matches with Jonny Perl of DNA Painter

Scavenger Hunt Through Irish Records with Claire Bradley

Crossing the Ocean: Finding Your European Jewish Ancestry by Susan Weinberg

I Can’t Find the Answer Online: Where Do I Go Next? by D. Joshua Taylor

Home Swede Home: Turning Your Heart to Your Swedish Ancestors by Jonah Ryan Barnes

Considering Surname Variations When Researching Your Ancestors by Davina Wilcock

Online Resources for Welsh Genealogy by Jenni Phillips

Finding Your German Protestant Ancestors with Archion by Karynne Moses

Seeing the Hidden Evidence: Cluster Research for Your Ancestors’ FAN Club by Julie A. Stoddard

Create Genealogical Research and Narrative Reports in Google Docs by Lianne Kruger

DNA Monkey Wrenches by Katherine Borges

Opa! It’s All Greek to Me! Researching Your Greek Ancestors by Kathleen Kaldis

Peeling Back the Layers: Citing Sources from Online Materials with Diana Elder

Using Early Court Records to Trace Connecticut Ancestry by Sarah J. Morin and Lizette Pelletier

Using Historical Maps by The Family History Guide Association

Find Help on FamilySearch by Tamra Stansfield

In the Trenches: Military Service Files by Valerie Casbourn

Who Ya Gonna Call? Myth Busters! by Renata Yarborough Sanders

Although I’ve listed 20 titles covering a variety of topics, this list barely scratches the surface of all the terrific talks that you can add to your playlist with just one click.

To create your playlist, simply click on the MENU icon in the top right corner:

Choose My Playlist.

Next, browse class sessions.


If you wish to add the session to your playlist, just click the + button in the top right corner.

After you have finished adding sessions, you can view your playlist, which will look like this:

When you have viewed the talk and want to remove the session from your list, just click on the pink check mark.

You can return to your playlist as many times as you like to add, view or remove classes.

It’s that simple!

The final post for this year’s RootsTech 2002- Choose Connection will discuss some of the big news and enhanced products announced during this year’s conference.





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