Lola and Daisy Mae Farris of Delaware County, OH, c1892

Lola and Daisy May Farris of Delaware County, OH

Lola and Daisy May Farris are quite the fashionable young ladies in this photo, probably taken in the early 1890s. The photographer isn’t identified, but the Farris family lived in Delaware County, Ohio.

It begins with Daniel Farris, who was born 20 August 1857 and Ann Elizabeth Culver, born 16 January 1860, and who married on 2 May 1879 in Delaware County, Ohio. Both were Ohio natives.

They were the parents of five known children (All events in Delaware County, Ohio unless noted):

1. Wello (yes, that’s correct!), born 11 December 1879; died 5 January 1967, Morrow County, Ohio; married Martha Ann Ballinger, 12 March 1904, Union County, Ohio.

2. Lola Dell, born 26 September 1881; died 5 October 1902; unmarried.

3. Daisy Mae (May), born 9 May 1883; died 1951; unmarried.

4. Bessie Laraine, born 4 April 1886; died 25 February 1919; married Daniel Oscar Jennings, 5 December 1909.

5. George Truman, born 11 September 1889; married Clara/Claire Feasel, 22 February 1910. This couple disappears from the records after their marriage and the 1910 census enumeration at which time they were newlyweds living in Trenton, Delaware, Ohio.

Of the five children of Daniel and Anna, only Wello and Bessie appear to have descendants.

Wello and Martha were the parents of three children:

  1. Lyle B., born 20 February 1905; died 7 January 1959; married Irene Taylor.
  2. James Culver, born 21 August 1906; died 2 March 1972; married Ruby Mae Morrow.
  3. Honor Letitia, born 3 December 1910; died 11 June 1993; married Harvey L. McClenathan.

Bessie married Daniel Oscar Jennings, 5 December 1909  and were the parent of one child:

1. Lola Dell, born 10 October 1915; died 15 April 2001; married Bernard J. Searles.

From these nieces and nephews are descendants of Lola and Daisy May Farris. Given the modern time frame, no further information is included here, but I was able to find a number of descendants and this cut photo has gone home to family members.


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