John Wilkinson & Deborah Whipple of Providence, Rhode Island

Today’s family sketch takes a look at John Wilkinson, son of immigrants Lawrence and Susannah (MNU) Wilkinson, who settled in Providence, Rhode Island by 1651.

As with details about the life of John’s parents, much of the online information about John Wilkinson and his wife, Deborah Whipple, comes from the 1869 book Memoirs of the Wilkinson Family, by Israel Wilkinson and the 1949 book Genealogy of Wilkinson and Kindred Families, by Marcellus McEwin Wilkinson.

Therefore, I am reluctant to include exact dates of birth for the members of this family.

John Wilkinson was born 2 March 1654, Providence, Rhode Island and died intestate there on 10 April 1708. His estate inventory was filed three weeks later on 30 April 1708 and his widow, Deborah, was appointed administratrix of his estate.

Deborah survived her husband by 40 years and never remarried, dying on 24 June 1748 in Providence, Rhode Island.

Deborah Whipple is said to have been quite a bit younger than her husband. Austin’s Genealogical Dictionary of Rhode Island notes her birth as 1 August 1670, in Providence. She was the daughter of Eleazer Whipple and Alice (?Angell).

John Wilkinson and Deborah Whipple married on 16 April 1689, in Providence, Rhode Island. Source of their marriage date is Torrey’s New England Marriages Prior to 1699.

Both Wilkinson genealogies include exact dates of birth for John’s and Deborah’s children, but I can’t find any other reliable source for those dates.


  1. John, born c1690; died 25 September 1756; married Rebecca Scott, 20 March 1717, Providence, Rhode Island
  2. Mary, born c1694; married John Scott, 12 March 1717, Providence, Rhode Island
  3. Sarah, born c1696; reportedly married David Hogg . A David Hogg of Smithfield married Mary Smith there on 15 April 1759. If the same man, then Sarah died before that date.
  4. Freelove, born c1701; married Michael Phillips. They lived in Smithfield, Rhode Island at least until October 1739 when their daughter Freelove was born there.
  5. Daniel, born c1703. A Daniel Wilkinson of Smithfield married Abigail Inman there on 22 September 1740.
  6. Jeremiah, born c1707, some say in Smithfield, Rhode Island. A Jeremiah Wilkinson of Smithfield married Patience Hide there on 3 July 1735.

This family sketch is on the brief side because I am unable to find records that document these children, with the exceptions of John Wilkinson Jr. and his sister, Mary, who married John Scott.

If you can add sources to any of these children, I would love to hear from you.


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