Expo Hall at RootsTech 2022, Part 1

I had planned to do a quick overview of some of the new-to-me vendors at RootsTech 2022. However, I’ve counted almost 30, so instead the Expo Hall will be a two parter with just short intros about each company/organization and a link to their websites.

To access any promotions available during the contest, you must be registered for RootsTech to visit the Expo Hall. Registration is free and it’s not to late!

here is the first half of the group, in ABC order:

A Life Story – Capture your life stories on video with the Legacy Story Project

AHSGR – American Historical Society of Germans from Russia. Self explanatory.

Audiobiography – Capture a story in a person’s own voice and save as a podcast and as an interactive book.

Brandenburgische Genealogische – Get help researching in the historical Mark Brandenburg. Website is in German, but use Google translate to navigate.

Cite-Builder – This vendor intrigued me enough that I am trying out the premium version. There is a free version available. I’m still looking for an alternative to these genealogy software source templates that make me pull out my hair and want to throw the computer out the window. This is an inexpensive investment that has promise.

ConnectMyVariant, University of Washington – The website explains “Prevention through connection. Connect with relatives. Reduce inherited disease risk.”

Families in British India Society (FIBIS) – Self explanatory

Fareloom – Explore the connection between food and family history.

French Federation of Genealogy – Website and talks are in French. Self explanatory

GenerationStory – This is an app for digital storytelling technology to preserve images of family, heirlooms and collections

HopeAgain Foundation– An organization that supports American veterans

Intelligent Image Management – This company offers large-scale historical data processing.

LenaSalina Legacy Preservation – Family historians and genealogists learn how to create a family archive for long-term preservation.

This is just a very quick overview of half of the new-to-me vendors in the Expo Hall this year. All of them have some type of discounts or product promotions on offer, so be sure to give yourself lots of time to browse all the booths.

Part 2 will post tomorrow morning.

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