Bondira Family of Udol, Slovakia, NJ & PA

This family is part of my one-place study of St. Dimitry’s Greek Catholic (today Byzantine Catholic) Church parish, serving Udol and Hajtovka, Slovakia, covering the years 1827-about 1920. I will be sharing family records, roughly once a week, until all families in the parish are posted. Be aware that ages at marriage and death frequently don’t match baptismal records, when found. If you have ancestors who lived in these two villages and would like to receive an invitation to a shared Dropbox folder, please leave a comment and I will contact you.


 Bondira, Alex & Anna Petronyko, Sztarina 48, GC

  1. Joseph, born c1861; married Anna Mikulik alias Kacsmaroszemana, born 23 February, bp 7 March 1858, daughter of Michael Mikulik alias Kacsmarova & Maria Leskoszifa of Ujak 32, 8 February 1885

Bondira, Basil (c1827-1859+) alias Petrus Palkojanka of Starina 30 & Susanna Kolyar (c1838-1859+), daughter of John Kolyar & Maria Petrisin of Ujak 34, married 14 February 1859, GC, GC
This family lived in Starina in 1869 with extended Bondira family members.

  1. Demetrius, born c1864
  2. John, born c1866
  3. Anna, born c1869

 Bondira, George & Antonia Blasko, Ujak, GC, GC
George may be the brother of Basil, born c1851, living with the Bondira family in 1869 in Starina.

  1. Maria, born 2 October, bp 8 October 1876
  2. Gejza, born 24 June, bp 30 June 1878

Bondira, Joseph (c1861-1900+), son of Alex Bondira & Anna Petronyko of Starina 48 & Anna Mikulik alias Kacsmaroszemana (23 February, bp 7 March 1858-1900+), daughter of Michael Mikulik alias Kacsmaroszemana & Maria Leskoszifa, married 8 February 1885, Ujak 32 & 33, GC, GC

Joseph traveled to America, leaving from Hamburg 2 February 1896 on the ship Prussia, arriving in New York.

  1. Maria, born 10 May, bp 16 May 1886
  2. Anna, born 5 June, bp 17 June 1888
  3. Helen, born 18 October, bp 22 October 1893
  4. Veronica, born 26 November, bp 30 November 1898
  5. Susanna, born 30 October, bp 30 October 1900; died 12 November, buried 14 November 1900, aged 2 weeks

Although there are not many records for the Bondira family in Udol, there is evidence that some of them emigrated to New Jersey and Pennsylvania in the early 1900s.

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