Presidents’ Day 2022

As we have seen in recent times, Election Day can be fraught with much tension. However, that is nothing new in American history, given that the only President ever unanimously elected was General George Washington.

Postcards became popular, inexpensive ways to keep in touch with friends and family, whether they lived in the same town or miles apart.

Postcards also became popular political advertising. This card was mailed on 13 October 1908 from R. Barnes to J.L. (James Loren) Yost in Graytown, Ottawa County, Ohio.

R. Barnes’s written message on the back isn’t at all political – it’s all about a visit to “Dean’s” and the big hunt he went on:

Now Loren I got yours all rite when we got back from Deans we wint down thare two weeks ago & got back Sunday night had a big hunt but no chickens in the country but Jack rabits and cotentails and quail thare was no end to them they all say I cat go back till spring but maby I will R Barnes

In spite of his newsy note to Loren, R. Barnes clearly was going to vote for Taft in the upcoming election!

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