Black History Month: GeneaGem –

February is Black History Month, so I’d like to share some free GeneaGems that I hope will be new resources for your African-American family history research. There will be one new GeneaGem each week, providing an introduction and quick overview of the website,  and all the websites are free.

This week’s GeneaGem is more broad in scope. Enslaved is a historical perspective of the slave trade and its peoples.

Enslaved has had several iterations as it has developed and grown, beginning in 2011. Currently, it is successfully linking data from several projects and is expected to remain an ongoing project for decades.

There are currently hundreds of thousands of data entries that can be searched through four categories – People (the biggest category), Events, Places and Sources.

The project history page includes a list of eleven Founding Partners with links to their websites, which provides further resources not only in the U.S., but in Brazil, the U.K. and several university projects.

The People category is searchable by many terms – Gender, Age Category, Ethnodescriptor, Role Types, Occupation and Status.

The search can be further narrowed by Event type and Date, Place, Sources and Projects.

This website is more of an historical overview than it is a way to search individual ancestors, although a researcher might have some success with finding information about individual masters.

The Sources link provides a list of almost 3,000 archives, libraries and websites from which data has been collected and the list can be browsed.


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