Advanced Swedish Research with AppGen: I’m Enrolled!

It’s official! I received notice that I am enrolled in the Applied Genealogy Institute’s course on Advanced Swedish Research, taught by Jill Morelli, CG.

I’m looking forward to this class because my Swedish research skills are just advanced enough that I need to delve into new-to-me resources. I have several Swedish lines back to the late 1700s, have used ArkivDigital and FamilySearch films of Swedish records (no, I don’t speak any Swedish) and am at the point where I need to acquire some new skills, particularly since I’m working from home during this pandemic. No ability to run to the Scandinavian help desk in the Family History Library at the moment!

Therefore, these class objectives seem to be a good fit for me:

  • To establish a common understanding of the BMD records, household examination records, probate records, and how they can work together
  • To learn how to access and use the Arkivdigital (AD) website
  • To access and use mantals tax records (MTR) for indirect and direct evidence
  • To explore at least six (6) lesser known Swedish sites
  • To learn from numerous case studies which apply the knowledge gained

Another reason I chose this AppGen course is that, although I appreciate and have learned much from the plethora of genealogy education webinars on offer during the last couple of years, other than being able to ask questions, live webinars are mostly passive experiences for the attendees.

That’s not a criticism! It’s just that AppGen’s class size of 15 will provide a proactive, small learning environment.

There is a detailed outline of the lesson plan for the four class sessions on the AppGen website, but the class format is similar to the first class:

  • Introductions
  • Break out session
  • Skill-building: “Using ArkivDigital”
  • Q & A and in-class exercise
  • Presentation: “Reading and Interpreting BMDs, Household Examinations, and Probate”
  • Case Study: “Parents for Sven Nilsson of Hishult Parish, Sweden”
  • Introduction: Homework/Scavenger Hunt #1

There is even a pre-class homework assignment!

This will be my first experience with a genealogical institute class, as I’ve never attended SLIG, GRIP or any other in-depth genealogical education program.

As a retired teacher, though, I do have some expectations and an observation or two to share.

First, I expect that the class will be well organized and presented and that the course objectives will be followed and met.

Second, I certainly expect that I will have gained some new skills and knowledge of Swedish resources by the end of the class, which is my main reason for taking this class.

Having previously heard several presentations by Jill Morelli, I have no doubt that my expectations will be met.

As for observations, although I have not attended any of the other in-depth institutes, I think this AppGen course will be less intense and tiring – in a good way.

The week long format used by SLIG and the others entail five long, intense days in a row, while the Boston University program is equal in work to earning a mini-degree.

I think my three-hour class sessions with one week in between will be just about right in terms of pacing serious in-depth learning and having 6 days of work/rest time in between.

I’ll be writing about my initial experiences and reactions after the class begins in mid-March. I’m expecting great things!

One thought on “Advanced Swedish Research with AppGen: I’m Enrolled!”

  1. Congratulations on getting into the class. I’m sure you will find the weekly class with time in-between to do the homework will a good fit. I was seriously considering this class, too, but wasn’t sure if my prereqs were good enough.

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