My 2022 Ancestor Count

It’s time for the annual Ancestor Count. I’ve had some successes in both my tree and that of my husband in 2021. However, I have to admit that my successes are mostly due to my favorite genealogical journal, The New England Historic Genealogical Register, as I find scholarly research involving my early New England lines frequently published.

Linda’s Ancestor Count

My gain of 29 direct line ancestors is about 99% due to The Register journal articles of 2021.

However, I can claim more of the credit for the small increase in my husband’s family tree, as I made good progress with some of his Scots-Irish families.

Dave’s Ancestor Count

His family tree now has an additional 15 people added to his direct line.

Both of us have quite a few new collateral relatives because of these discoveries.

I used the Ahnentafel report in RootsMagic to count up the ancestors in each generation. It only took a few minutes to do each table.

We’ll see what new information turns up in 2022.

How has your ancestor count progressed during this past year?


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  1. You have done a great job keeping track of this data each year. I wish I had. Congratulations on adding more ancestors this past year.

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