3 Time Latin Grammy Award Winner Diego Torres, Keynote Speaker at RootsTech 2022

RootsTech 2022 is all about CONNECTING. I’m excited to hear Diego Torres talk about how music connects us all.

From the FamilySearch press release:

Star of Music, Theater, Film, and Television Says People Live on through Their Music

Diego Torres, Singer Songwriter. RootTech 2022 Keynote Speaker.












BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA and SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH—For 3-time Latin Grammy Award winner Diego Torres, music is a universal language that connects people through the generations. The son of legendary Argentine singer and actress Lolita Torres, Diego says music is everything because of its power to recall to mind life’s meaningful experiences. Register for free to see Diego Torres’ keynote performance on the RootsTech 2022 mainstage (March 3–5, 2022).

“Like a perfume, music makes you think of a person, a story, a disappointment, or an encounter,” he said. “You see that you associate something to a song and when you play that song—it’s as if you were there. It’s like reliving the moment. The connection is very deep, very deep.”

In addition to his 3 Latin Grammy awards, Diego has won 10 Gardel awards, a very important and prestigious national award in Argentina, and sold more than 20 million records around the world. But it is the stories of how his music reaches to the hearts of his listeners that gives him the most satisfaction.

“I have a cousin who is a medical instrument technician, and she sends me videos from the operating room, for example, of a girl who’s about to give birth, and they’re listening to my song at full volume. They’re singing, and the girl is like, ‘Uh, uh.’ She’s singing to [my] song, and [I’m] like, ‘No, it can’t be.’”

For many years Diego has involved members of his extended family as characters in his music videos. In one powerful example, a music video became a family treasure that helped him introduce his 8-year-old daughter Nina to his family members, including some who were deceased, whom she had never met.

“So, she sat down with me and started watching the video,” Diego said, “Then, I told her, ‘Do you see when I arrive at the hotel? The concierge who’s asleep when I rang the call bell is your grandpa. That’s my dad,’ because Nina didn’t meet him. ‘Did you see when we were in the room? Well, the person who’s on the other side is your mom. Did you see the one who’s sitting next to me with a tray? That’s aunt Angelica. There’s aunt Mariana, that’s cousin Angela, and there’s your cousin Sol.’”

Enjoy more of Diego Torres’ musical story by registering for RootsTech 2022 today at RootsTech.org and joining the virtual event March 3–5, 2022!

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