Stufflebean Family Vintage Mystery Photo

Here is a very old family photograph about which I wish I knew something – anything – about the subject or the location.

I actually love this photo in spite of my lack of knowledge about it.

We have a young mother sitting on a chair in the front of the house, with a baby buggy and bicycle displayed in such a way that the entrance to the house is blocked.

From the carriage and bike styles, I’d say this photo dates from the early 1900s – maybe c1910 or a bit later.

In the doorway, we see another woman standing, but hidden by the shadows.

Quite a few objects appear to live on the small porch. To the left of the doorway, there are a couple of barrels, perhaps made of wood. One has some sort of handle sticking out of it.

To the right of the doorway, there is maybe some kind of hutch or cabinet that has a couple of bowls on top.

The wicker style baby buggy was popular in the early 1900s. The bicycle was of an era where lots of people could afford one (unless it was the photographer’s transportation) and it clearly has a fender on the back.

I haven’t a clue where this was taken, but if I guessed Texas or Oklahoma, I’d probably have a 90% chance of being correct.

Readers, any thoughts about when this photo might have been taken?


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