Henry Hayward (1812-1900), Shepody, New Brunswick, Canada to Calais, ME: Vintage Photo Going Home

Finally! I’ve finally found an antique photo with the subject identified and he lived in Calais, Washington, Maine (or at least nearby),  home to a good chunk of a recent branch in my family tree.

Henry Hayward was a distinguished looking gentleman who came from a big family. On the back, someone labeled the photo as Uncle Henry Hayward.

Henry Hayward was born 29 May 1812 in Shepody, Albert County, New Brunswick, Canada. He was the son of John Hayward and Margaret Sheck, as named on his death certificate.

Henry was a naturalized U.S. citizen. His papers, filed 8 July 1851,  indicate that he was born in Nova Scotia and that he has resided in the United States continuously since 1 December 1820.

Shepody is about 170 miles from Calais. An arrival in 1820, when he was 8 years old, would indicate that his parents moved the family to Maine.

This family didn’t live in Calais proper they settled in the small town of Cooper, a little more than 20 miles south of Calais.

Henry married Azubah Higgins c1834, probably in Washington County, Maine. She was c1818 in Maine, so a very young 14 years old when she married, and died in 1885. Both are buried in Evergreen Cemetery in Cooper, Maine.

Henry farmed, did blacksmithing work and was also involved in the lumber industry, which was huge in the area in the 19th century.

Henry and Azubah were the parents of 13 children:

  1. Freeman, born c1835, Maine; married (1) Mary Ann Brisley, c1863. She was born c1839, Maine and died 12 October 1894, Bon Homme County, South Dakota (2) Marion Leeman, 4 January 1899, Calais, Washington, Maine. Freeman had at least 4 children, but it appears none of them have living descendants.
  2.  Isabelle, born 27 March 1837/39; died 27 December 1878, Santa Clara County, California; married Aaron T. Haynes, 10 September 1861, Portland, Cumberland, Maine. They were the parents of one daughter.
  3. Eben L., born c1839; died 24 August 1858, Cooper, Washington, Maine; unmarried.
  4. William H., born c1841, Maine; died 14 October 1862, a Civil War casualty and is buried at the U.S. Soldiers and Sailors National Cemetery, Washington, DC; unmarried.
  5. Annie Dolly, born c1843, Maine; died 24 February 1916, Calais, Washington, Maine; married Charles N. Yeaton, c1864. They had four children, with one deceased by 1900.
  6. Charles Ethan, born c1845, Maine; died 30 June 1863, Baton Rouge, Louisiana; unmarried and another casualty of the Civil War.
  7. Richard Thaddeus, born c1847, Maine; died after 1880;  married Maggie J. Serrier, 3 September 1876, Humboldt County, California. Maggie married (2) Frank Ward before 1900 when they lived in Tacoma, Washington. By 1900, they were enumerated in Skagway, Alaska. In 1910, she is again Marguerite Hayward, enumerated in Skagway, Alaska as divorced. It appears Richard and Maggie had one son and one daughter.
  8. Harriet Elizabeth, born c1849, Maine; died 1903; married married Samuel A. Connick, 16 March 1905, Meddybemps, Washington, Maine. Both are buried in Evergreen Cemetery in Cooper, Washington, Maine. They had five children, with one deceased by 1900.
  9. Flora Evelyn, born 2 December 1851, Maine; died 7 May 1914, Humboldt County, California; married Francis Dominic Caubarrus, 31 December 1885, Humboldt County, California. They had no children.
  10. Spencer E., born c1853, Maine; not found in 1860 census; died young.
  11. Manly, born c1855, Maine; married Lizzie, c1880; not found after 1880. No known children.
  12. Leslie Howard, born August 1856, Maine; died 17 March 1925, Androscoggin County, Maine; married Viana (Anna) Day, c1883. They were the parents of two daughters.
  13. Samuel Arthur, born May 1862, Maine; married Jennie T. Lane, c1886. died after 1930, when the family lived in Freeport, Maine. They had two daughters and a son.

Henry and Azubah lost probably at least five children before they passed away, but there are many descendants. This photo of Henry Hayward is in excellent condition and has gone home to one of his 2X great grandchildren.



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