Just Out: The Foundlings by Nathan Dylan Goodwin: Book Review

I knew that Nathan Dylan Goodwin’s new book was expected to be published by the end of the year, so it was a fun surprise to see it available on pre-order to be released on 29 October on Kindle for $5.49.

I love Nathan’s Morton Farrier stories, and while each can be read as a stand alone book, the fact that Morton and his family are central characters in each provides continuity. Each story makes me feel like I am again visiting an old family friend.

The publicity blurb provides an excellent, concise overview of the story, so I won’t try to improve on the description:

Forensic genealogist, Morton Farrier, agrees to take on a case to identify the biological mother of three foundlings, abandoned in shop doorways as new-born babies in the 1970s. He has just one thing with which to begin his investigation: the three women’s DNA, one of whom is his half-aunt. With just six days of research time available to him, his investigation uncovers some shocking revelations and troubling links to his own grandfather; and Morton finds that, for the first time in his career, he is advising his clients not to read his concluding report.

It is difficult to say much more about the story line without giving away too much. However, the story is fast moving and continues to unfold in Nathan’s typical style of moving from flashbacks to the present and back again to provide the reader with all the necessary details.

As we know, not all DNA discoveries have a welcome ending and that is the case with the foundlings in this story.

While the reader knows from the outset about the mysterious mother who abandoned her three children, the surprise is in how and why she chose the method that she did.

Her purposeful actions and later behavior are the reasons that Morton advises his clients to read only the first part of his report, but to bypass reading the second separate conclusion to the story.

I will add here that one of the foundlings decided to read it and told the others she was sorry she did and advised them NOT to ever read it!

As usual, there is an unexpected twist near the end of the story that is a happy surprise for the foundling sisters.

I enjoyed The Foundlings even though the main character was an evil person who never showed remorse for her actions.

This book is a great, inexpensive holiday gift for your favorite genealogist. It can be ordered directly from Nathan Dylan Goodwin, with links for hard copy and electronic formats.

This is the 9th book in the Morton Farrier series, but be sure to check out the other mysteries and the four historical books on Hastings, England, written by the author.

My question now is: How long do I have to wait for book #10?


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