Happy Thanksgiving!

From my personal postcard collection

This vintage postcard, with the image of home and the American flag, most likely dates from about 1917/18 when the United States entered World War I.

The message on the back is written in faded pencil (so there is no scan), but it was addressed to Mrs. Tom Scott of Rosemount, Minnesota, although there is neither postage nor a cancellation mark.

Mrs. Stephens wrote:

Dear Mrs. Scott, I must recall the invatain (sic) that I gave you last year for thanks givving (sic) you are all invited for dinner at our Place thanks giving.

As no Mr. Stephens or Mr. Scott are mentioned, I have to wonder if the men were fighting in the war? There is a Thomas Harry Scott, born 27 October 1890, who lived in Rosemount, and a Thomas Scott born in 1864 also in the area.

There are also Stephens families living in Dakota County, but without no further details, it is impossible to figure out which Mrs. Stephens wrote the message.

In any case, I wish all my readers a very Happy Thanksgiving Day.


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