Saturday Night Genealogy Fun: Ancestor Photographs

I’ve been so busy listening to webinars that this whole week slipped by and I just noticed that it is time for Saturday Night Genealogy Fun with Randy Seaver.

This week’s challenge is pretty easy:

1)  How many ancestors do you have photographs of?  What is your oldest ancestor photo (the year it was taken)?

Here are my direct line ancestors for whom I have photos:

2 Parents – George Michael Sabo and Doris Priscilla Adams

4 Grandparents – George Kucharik aka Sabo & Julia Scerbak, Vernon Tarbox Adams and Hazel Ethel Coleman

8 Great Grandparents – Stephen Kucharik & Maria Kacsenyak, Michael Scerbak & Anna Murcko, Charles Edwin Adams and Annie Maude Stuart, Hartwell Thomas Coleman and Anna Elisabeth Jensen

So far, so good, as I have photos of all my ancestors through my great grandparents.

However, now I lose half my tree, as my Slovak paternal branch had no opportunity to have photos taken in the villages. However, I’m also missing a few of my 2X great grandparents on my maternal side.

4 2X Great Grandparents – Calvin Segee Adams & Nellie Tarbox, William Coleman & Sarah Moriah Crouse

3 3X Great Grandparents – Daniel Adams, George Rogers Tarbox & Mary Elizabeth Scripture

2 4X Great Grandparents – Thomas Adams & Sarah Brawn

I feel very privileged to be the caretaker of so many family photos. My two oldest are of Thomas Adams (1783-1859) and his wife, Sarah Brawn (1786 to between 1851 and 1859).

Sarah Brawn & Thomas Adams

Their clothing dates these photos to about 1850.

Thanks, Randy, for this week’s challenge!

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