October Genealogy Blog Party: Family History Month

Elizabeth O’Neal’s Genealogy Blog Party is celebrating Family History Month.

Genealogy education is so important and one positive effect of this horrid pandemic is the proliferation of opportunities to learn about so many different genealogy topics for free.

Yes, there are tons of webinars out there – I’ve watched at least a couple hundred in the past year and a half and that’s not even counting the virtual conferences.

However, there is another source of genealogy education that I think is way under used – YouTube channels.

Pixabay: No Attribution Required

If you’ve never watched a genealogy channel or listened to a podcast, here are several suggestions to get you started, in ABC order as to not play favorites:

Ancestral Findings

BYU Family History Library

Cheri Hudson Passey

Dear Myrtle

DNA Family Trees

Extreme Genes

Family History Fanatics

Genealogy Software Showcase

Genealogy TV

Lisa Lisson

Lisa Louise Cooke

Maureen Taylor: The Photo Detective

Research Like a Pro

The Genealogy Guys

Most of these shows have subscription buttons and they post new episodes regularly. Just visit YouTube and enter the title in the search field.

This is an excellent way to develop your sleuthing skills and to stay on top of news in the genealogy world.







One thought on “October Genealogy Blog Party: Family History Month”

  1. Thanks Linda! Yes, I too have watched 100’s of webinars/presentations/lectures/classes since Covid hit, the silver lining of everything being virtual! 😉
    Before Covid/everything being virtual, I only had time to watch a few or so a year. 😉
    Thanks for the list of channels too! 🙂

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