John & Hyla Dulworth, Next Generation: Mary, Burrell, Paralee, Alcy & Elizabeth

Today’s family sketches will cover grandchildren of John & Hyla Dulworth, born to their children Mary, Burrell, Paralee, Alcy & Elizabeth.

  1. Mary Dulworth, born c1826, Kentucky; died after 1880 census, possibly in Dallas, Texas, with her 14 year old son, Joseph still at home; married Hiram Hughes, c1843. Hiram was born c1823, Tennessee; died after 1880, possibly in Wood County, Texas, where he was living with his son’s family. Hiram reported in 1880 that he was widowed, while Mary’s census enumeration curiously includes the note that her husband was in Wood County. I don’t ink I’ve ever seen a note like that before in a census record. This family moved often. In 1850, they were in Cumberland County, Kentucky. By 1860, they lived in Monroe County, Kentucky. In 1862, they were on Overton County, Tennessee. No one in the family has been found in 1870 – that may be when they moved to Texas. They were the parents of 13 children: John Martin, born c1844, died after 1880, when family lived in Ballard County, Kentucky; William Olander, born c1846, died 7 August 1921, Kaufman County, Texas, married Louisiana Cruze; Elizabeth, born c1848, died after 1860; Mary Jane, born c1849, died after 1860; Martha, born c1852, died after 1860; Hiram, born 4 April 1854, Monroe County, Kentucky, died c1918, Texas, married Dora Alice Elam; Sarah, born c1858, died 7 December 1944, Greene County, Missouri, married Peter Franklin Wagner; Leander W., born c1859, died after 1880 when he lived in Dallas County, Texas, unmarried at that time; George Washington, born 22 August 1860, died 13 January 1931, Swisher County, Texas, married Hannah Mae Haggerton; James B. , born c1862, Overton County, Tennessee, died c1915, Kaufman County, Texas;  Joseph Sewell, born 3 January 1866, died 16 December 1917, Kaufman County, Texas after he was shot by one of his sons, married Josephine V. Blanton, 15 August 1887, Kaufman County, Texas; Nancy M., born c1867, Tennessee, reportedly died 1890), married Daniel Web Kaler/Caylor, 16 December 1879, Dallas County, Texas.
  2. Burrell Dulworth was born 28 June 1829, Kentucky; died 14 December 1912, Ellis County, Texas; married Highly Willis, c1850. They lived in Overton County, Tennessee in 1860 and 1870. By 1880, they had moved on to Adair County, Kentucky, which is the last census in which Highly is found. Neither Burrell nor Highly have been found in 1900, although Burrell lived with their son’s family in Ellis County, Texas in 1910. He was listed as widowed. I’ve seen an undocumented death date of 1907 for Highly. They were the parents of 9 children: Nancy Elizabeth, born 21 May 1852, died 3 August 1939, Adair County, Kentucky, married Timothy O. Bennett, 3 September 1874, Adair County, Kentucky; William Burl, born c1855, died 18 October 1938, Garvin County, Oklahoma, married Margaret Jane Davidson, 4 December 1877, Cumberland County, Kentucky; David Mitchell, born c1857, died 12 January 1935, Dallas County, Texas, married (1) Nancy J. Ashlock, 22 January 1880, Clay County, Tennessee (2) Nancy Emiline Stephens, c1892; Sarah Judith Ann, born 10 May 1859, died 13 November 1934, Taylor County, Kentucky, married John L. Biggs, 5 February 1878, Adair County, Kentucky; James C., born c1861, died after 1870, no further record; Ruth Jane, born c1863, died 29 February 1940, Tarrant County, Texas, married John Montgomery Carter, c1887; Malachi J., born c1865, died after 1880; no further record; Minerva Lucinda, born c1866, died 4 January 1956, Dallas County, Texas (I think there is a census error in 1880 that called her Lucy J, but then listed sister Lucinda), married Miles Richard Willis, 6 January 1889, Adair County, Kentucky; and Mary Lucinda, born c1869, died after 1880, no further record.  Minerva Lucinda and Mary L. are confusing and seem to have been conflated into one person. I believe Minerva is the one who married Miles Willis, as they are together in 1900 and she is enumerated as Nerva L. at that time when they were living in Taylor County, Kentucky.
  3. Paralee Dulworth, born 29 June 1829, if a twin of Burrell, died after 1880 census, married William J. Short, 30 November 1853, Cumberland County, Kentucky. They were the parents of 10 children: John W., born 1854, died 8 November 1855, aged 11 months; Nancy Elizabeth, born c1858, died after 1900 and before 14 June 1903, when Lafe remarried, probably Cumberland County, Kentucky, married Lafayette Capps, 15 January 1880, Clay County, Tennessee; James Thomas, born 4 August 1859, died 10 January 1931, Monroe County, Kentucky, married Lydia Angeline Vaughn, 11 December 1881, Clay County, Tennessee; Alcy Frances, born 16 March 1860, died 28 October 1929, Cumberland County, Kentucky, married James M. Hughes, 1 February 1888, Clay county, Tennessee; Mary Ann, born 21 August 1862/63; died 8 July 1912, Monroe County, Kentucky, never married; Sarah Jane, born c1864; died after 1880, no further record; Joseph Bluford, born c1866, died after 1920, probably Monroe County, Kentucky, unmarried; Lee Anne, born c1868, died 25 July 1955, Greer County, Oklahoma, married William Colvert Hogan, c1890; William T., born August 1869, died 1942, married Fannie Stover, 18 October 1894, Clay County, Tennessee; Juda Catherine, born 28 February 1873/74, died 3 August 1920, Clay County, Tennessee, married Joseph D. Stover, 31 May 1891, Clay County, Tennessee.
  4. Alcy Dulworth, born 19 June 1831/32, died 27 April 1914, Cumberland County, Kentucky, married John Whitson Moore, c1858. Alcey reported having given birth to 6 children, with 6 living in 1900 and 5 living in 1910. However, census records account for 7 children. Mary F., born 1858, died before 1870, no further record; Samantha, born c1860, died after 1870; Minnie, born c1862, died after 1870; William H. (but recorded as John in 1870), born 16 December 1863, died 15 November 1937, Cumberland County, Kentucky, married Melvina Elizabeth Spear, 21 June 1882, Clay County, Tennessee; Louvenia, born c1866, died after 1870; James L., born April 1866, died after 1880; Jubal, born c1869, died after 1870, no further record; John W., born c1870, died after 1880. The odd thing about this family is that I can’t find most of them after 1880. The FamilySearch family tree has some children with different given names – perhaps they went by first/middle names in various records. I would love to be able to document much more about this family.
  5. Elizabeth Dulworth, born c1834, married John Long, c1851. Both died after 1880, probably in Cumberland County, Kentucky. This family is tricky because there are two John Longs living in Cumberland County, Kentucky at the same time. One was born c1820 in Indiana. The second was born c1824 in Alabama. Both are in Kettle Creek in 1870 and both have wives named Elizabeth (aged 32 and 33, respectively) and many children at home. The tip off, I believe, is that one family has a son, Burly Long. Burly, or Burrell, is a name that runs deep in the Dulworths who have ties to the Willis family. That means that John Long, born c1824, in Alabama is our man. John and Elizabeth were the parents of 12 children: John, born c1852, died after 1870, no further record; Mary J., born c1853/54, died 29 October 1935, Fannin County, Texas, married Riley V. Ashlock, 11 July 1880, Clay County, Tennessee; Burrell, born 10 November 1855, died 25 April 1928, Monroe County, Kentucky, married Thursey Capps, July 1876, Cumberland County, Kentucky; Winfrey, born September 1858/59, died after 1910, probably Cumberland County, Kentucky, married Lenora (Nora) Watson, 27 November 1879, Clay County, Tennessee, divorced c1898; James, born 24 January 1859/60, died 24 January 1934, Fannin County, Texas, married Martha Elizabeth Short, c1888, Kentucky; George Washington, born 15 December 1862/63, died 18 January 1948, married Elzada Watson, 16 December 1887, Clay County, Tennessee; William, born c1864, died after 1880; Francis M., born c1866, died after 1880; Samson (Poke), born c1867, died after 1880; Alcy E., born c1870, died after 1880; Benjamin, born c1871, died 22 October 1946, Birmingham, Jefferson, Alabama, married Mary Nancy (Nannie) Taylor, 2 September 1896, Jefferson County, Alabama; Martha A., born c1876, died after 1880. It’s quite annoying that, for the most part,  I can’t find this family after 1880. If anyone can fill in details about John, William, Francis M., Samson (Poke), Alcy E., and Martha A., I would really appreciate it!

Next, we will look at the grandchildren of John and Hyla through John W., James, Martha E., Nancy Ann and Zachary Taylor. There are a lot of descendants of this couple. The first five children brought 51 grandchildren. It’s sad that John and Hyla didn’t live to see many of them.

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