John & Hyla Dulworth, Next Generation: John W., James, Martha E., Nancy Ann & Zachary Taylor

Today, I’ll share short family sketches of the youngest five of John and Hyla Dulworth’s ten children, in birth order.

6. John W., born c1836, died 29 January 1913, Dent County, Missouri, married (1) Rebecca Ann Bass, 23 December 1858 (2) Sarah B. Smith, 16 December 1866, both in Dent County, Missouri. John is the only one of his family to settle in Missouri. John was the parent of 9 children, 3 with Rebecca Ann and 6 with Sarah: Mary Jane, born November 1859, died 1939, Hill County, Montana, married Charles Williams; John Frederick, born 28 September 1861, died 24 April 1939, Dent County, Missouri, married Elmira Alice Williams; Hila Virginia, born 1 April 1865, died 17 December 1935, Hill County, Montana, married (1) William Morton, c1882 (2) Henry Williams, 1890 (3) William H. Morgett, 23 April 1911, Chouteau County, Montana; James W., born 17 May 1869, died 17 November 1938, Dent County, Missouri, married Margaret Josephine Richard; Thomas S., born 12 August 1871, died 7 December 1937, St. Louis, Missouri, married Betty Harrison; Nancy Unity, born 20 April 1874, died 7 June 1945, married James Alexander Jadwin; Andrew Jackson, born 3 April 1877 (twin), died 4 September 1934, married Elizabeth Jadwin; Ella Margaret, born 3 April 1877 (twin), died 15 July 1951, married Thomas V. Stagner; Joseph Franklin, born 15 April 1881, died 11 December 1959, married Alto Jadwin.

7. James Madison, born 20 March 1860, died 23 August 1911, Clay County, Tennessee, married Mary Ann Clary. They were the parents of 3 children: John Robert, born 3 August 1870, died 12 December 1940, Clay County, Tennessee, married Tennessee Emma Kerr, 28 December 1893, Clay County, Tennessee; Valeria Ellen, born 12 June 1873, died 3 March 1955, Clay County, Tennessee, married Robert Allen Colson, 4 February 1895, Clay County, Tennessee; William Tildon, born 11 November 1876, died 6 June 1922, married Mattie Belle Kerr, 18 November 1897, Cumberland County, Kentucky.

8. Martha E., born April 1844, died between 1900-1910 censuses, probably Clay County, Tennessee, where she was living alone and listed as widowed. Martha reported having given birth to one child, still living in 1900. However, she married William Canada Long, 21 October 1872, Clay County, Tennessee. In 1880, the only child at home with them is 18 year old William C. Long, Jr. Therefore, it isn’t certain whether Martha was the natural mother of William Jr. I tend to think that Martha had no children of her own.

9. Nancy Ann, born May 1845, died 26 March 1931, Ballard County, Kentucky, married Benjamin Rush, c1870. Benjamin was the son of John Rush and Louvina Broadway. Louvina was an older half sister of her father, making her husband her half cousin. They were the parents of 5 children: Martha A., born 28 June 1877, died 10 January 1912, Cumberland County, Kentucky, married James Columbus Holman, 18 November 1897, Cumberland County, Kentucky; Ambrose W., born 14 March 1878, died 15 March 1910, Cumberland County, Kentucky, unmarried in 1900; Hettie, born 14 March 1883/84, died 16 March 1917, Cumberland County, Kentucky, married William Glidewell, c1901; John Godfrey, born 18 October 1887, died 27 March 1943, married (1) Viny Irby, 25 August 1910 (2) Olia E. Cox, 1 December 1913, both in Clay County, Tennessee.

10. Zachary Taylor, born 12 October 1848, died 12 December 1929, Ballard County, Kentucky, married Eunice Elizabeth Phillips, c1873. They were the parents of five children, of whom 3 were living in 1900: John Taylor, born 7 February 1874, died 4 September 1949, Ballard County, Kentucky, married Bertha Herring, 16 January 1895, Ballard County, Kentucky; William Suell, born 5 June 1876, died 9 June 1943, Jackson County, Michigan, married Estella Alice Heady, 17 May 1897, Ballard County, Kentucky; Jennie, born 25 December 1877, died 21 August 1949, Ballard County, Kentucky, married Tilden Hodges, c1900, probably Ballard County, Kentucky; Daughter, born after 1880, died before 1900 and had a daughter, Jessie Powell, born November 1898, Kentucky. No Powell-Dulworth marriage has been found.

There are 72 known grandchildren of John & Hyla Dulworth, although I believe that Hannah Dulworth, who I wrote about several days ago, was their youngest child and she had at least four children. If I can find any of them after the 1880 census, I will post an update.

This concludes the family sketches of John Dulworth and Hyla Willis.

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