All 50 States Completed – Digitized County History Links

Just a quick announcement – my project to collect links to digitized county histories for all fifty U.S. states is finished.

Hawaii was #50 and it posted this morning.

To simplify finding the links, there is a County Histories tab at the top of my home page, just under the header photo of the Empty Branches tree.

It opens as a drop down menu with states listed in ABC order.

I hope you find lots of good “stuff” to add to your family trees.

Be aware, though, that biographies in these books tend to be as accurate as online family trees. Some are 100% correct, while others are embellished stories told by family members to the salesmen who collected their stories to publish.

Use due diligence in proving all the details, as they are CLUES to be followed.

Have fun!

3 thoughts on “All 50 States Completed – Digitized County History Links”

  1. Linda, you are amazing. Thank you for assembling these many wonderful links to county histories available online! Even if the info isn’t 100% accurate (as you so rightly point out), these histories offer background and excellent clues to verify.

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