Last Broadway Puzzle Piece: Louvina Dulworth & John Rush, Cumberland County, KY

There is one more branch of the Mary (MNU) Broadway Dulworth family tree at which we need to take a look.

I have long known about Louvina, daughter of Mary Broadway Dulworth, and have assumed that she was a Broadway by birth. Now I am not so sure about that. However, her birth surname doesn’t much matter in this puzzle, given that she was the last child born before Mary married John Dulworth on 2 December 1803 in Knox County, Kentucky.

Before moving over the state line from Knox County, Tennessee to Cumberland County, Kentucky, I’ll provide a quick review of the Dulworth years.

John Dulworth was born in Germany, year and place unknown. He appears on the militia list of Knox County, Tennessee as Private John Dulwitt in Flennikin’s Company from 1792-1794, so he settled early in Tennessee.

If John had a marriage previous to 1803, no trace of his wife or children has ever been found. Given that he is the only Dulworth in Tennessee at the time, it is probably safe to assume he was at least 21 years old when he served in the militia, so born no later than 1771 and possibly several years before.

Mary Dulworth left John sometime before 1817, when he had a deed recorded in Knox County, Tennessee, in which he gave his land to Jacob Horne in return for care in his old age. The 1820 census for eastern Tennessee has been lost and John hasn’t been found in any records after 1817.

Louvina, who I believe to be a daughter of Mary, but not of John, consistently gives of birth year of 1800-1801 in Tennessee.

John Rush appears in the 1820 census of Cumberland County, Kentucky as a newlywed, living two doors away from Mary Dulworth. He is 16-25 years old, as is the lone female. There are no children yet in the home.

John Rush was born c1800 in South Carolina. I had hoped that this might be fit a missing space in my Broadway puzzle, but it seems he was a son of Samuel and Feriba Rush of Kershaw County, South Carolina. That isn’t a county with which I have any experience. It’s located in the north central portion of the state.

John and Louvina had a large family and, for the most part, the family all remained in Cumberland County, Kentucky. They also only married one time, which has simplified my research!

John and Louvina have a modern gravestone that says John died c1871 and Louvina c1877.

All events were in Cumberland County, Kentucky, unless noted otherwise.


  1. Feriby, born 16 May 1822; died 22 February 1897, Cumberland County, Kentucky; married George Smith, c1845. This couple hasn’t been found in 1850, but in 1860, “Pheroby” is living next door to her parents with Luvenia, 14, and Samuel, 12. George was born 20 February 1807; died 29 August 1847 in Cumberland County, Kentucky, but was buried in Clay County, Tennessee next to his first wife, Sallie Sams, who died c1840. In 1870, she was living a few doors from her parents, alone, keeping house.
  2. Elizabeth, born 25 March 1823/25; died 5 March 1916; married Squire Barnet Lewis, c1851. He was born c1824, Tennessee; died after 1900 when they both lived in Ohio County, Kentucky.
  3. Nancy, born 27 November 1825/27; died 5 February 1916; married Henry R. Riddle. He was born 4 November 1828; died 22 August 1884.
  4. James, born c1829; died between 1860-1870, possibly serving in the Civil War; married Martha Carver, c1854. She is head of household in 1870 with children at home.
  5. Hannah, born September c1831; died after 1910, probably Barren County, Kentucky; married James Bow, c1847. He was born c1828; died before 10 February 1866, serving in the Civil War, as Hannah applied for a widow’s pension that day.
  6. John, born 14 February 1833; died 15 January 1915; married Permelia Branch Williams. She was born 1839; died 1926.
  7. Margaret (Peggy), born c1837; died between 1862-1865; married Elzie Claywell, c1855. He married (2) Catherine Rush, c1865, Peggy’s younger sister.
  8. Catherine, born May 1841/42; died 5 February 1921; married Elzie (E.C., Ezy) Claywell, c1865. He was born c1825; died after 1870.
  9. Samuel, born c1842; died 31 May 1913; married Frances Melvina Jennings. She was born 1849; died 1914.
  10. Benjamin, born 4 April 1844/45; died 30 August 1919; married Nancy Ann Dulworth. She was born 1845; died 1931.
  11. George W., born 1 September 1847; died 19 October 1933; married (1) Onie P. Bow. She was born 1850; died 1876. (2) Mary Ellen Vaughn. She was born 1863; died 1902.

Unfortunately, the Rush family didn’t uncover any further Broadway family clues.

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