Importance of the FAN Club: Margaret (Peggy) (Broadway) (Robinson) (Smith) Henry of TN & Lawrence County, IN, Part 3

By delving into the extended FAN club of Margaret Broadway, two apparent siblings have appeared – Elizabeth Broadway, who married (1) John Andrew Smith Jr. and (2) Thomas Shelton Smith, AND purported half sister, Nancy Farmer, who married Thomas Shelton Smith before he married her widowed sibling.

First, let’s look at Elizabeth Broadway Smith. She was an apparent newlywed when John A. Smith was enumerated in Lawrence County, Indiana in 1820. As she lived until 1881, there are four censuses that give her place of birth and one that includes the birthplaces of her parents.

Elizabeth consistently gives her birthplace as Georgia, with birth years of 1798, 1796, 1800 and 1799.

Next, Nancy Farmer appears in the 1850 and 1860 censuses. In both censuses, her birthplace is given as North Carolina. Her birth year is given as 1794 in 1850 and 1793 in 1860, so she was clearly a few years older than her supposed half siblings.

Unfortunately, Nancy died in 1863, so didn’t live long enough to share her parents’ places of birth. Online data has her as a daughter of Benjamin Farmer and Elizabeth Dew of Edgecombe County, North Carolina. Of course, no proof is cited and I totally don’t believe that she is their daughter for two reasons. It looks like Benjamin was born and died in Edgecombe County. Second, he left a will when he died in 1827 naming his wife and his children. He did have a daughter, Nancy, but she is called Nancy Dew, which tells me she married a cousin of some sort from her mother’s side of the family.

Our Nancy Farmer married Thomas Shelton Smith in 1817 in Blount County, Tennessee and her father would have been deceased long before that time if she had Broadway half siblings born after her.

It is disappointing that no marriage record is found in North Carolina for Mr. Farmer to Mary (MNU) except for Moses Farmer to Mary Pierson on 13 August 1788 in Guilford County. They were Quakers and lived next door in Randolph County. However, no Moses Farmer is to be found in any extant 1790 census.

Margaret Broadway is found in just two censuses – 1850 and 1870. In 1850, her birth year is 1797 and place is North Carolina. In 1870, her birth year is 1800 and place is Tennessee.

Let’s take another look at Margaret’s mother, Mary, who would also be the mother of Nancy and Elizabeth if the sibling/half sibling relationships are correct.

Mary (MNU) was born between 1770-1780, based on the 1830 census and c1775 based on the 1850 census, but in South Carolina.

Her son, James Dulworth, reported in 1880 that his father was born in Germany and his mother in South Carolina, so there is some corroboration.

Mary married (1) Mr. Farmer, by 1792, in North or South Carolina, but lived in North Carolina when daughter Nancy was born. Where he died is unknown, but he died by, say, 1796. Mary would have been around 17 years old when she married.

Nancy Farmer, born 1793-1794, North Carolina

Mary married (2) Mr. Broadway, c1796, place unknown. He might have died in North Carolina, Georgia or even in Tennessee.

Elizabeth Broadway, born 1796-1800, Georgia

Margaret Broadway, born 1797-1800, North Carolina or TN

Mary had several more children with John Dulworth, who she married on 2 December 1803 in Knox County, Tennessee. However, there is a daughter Louvina, who married John Rush, c1820, and lived near her mother when Mary and her sons moved to Cumberland County, Kentucky. She was born 1800-1801 in Tennessee and I believe she was also a Broadway. Her death certificate gives Dulworth as her maiden name, but John Dulworth has no known marriages before he married Mary in 1803. He would have been the only father she knew. One of her children’s death certificates gives her maiden name as “Tuewater” and there is a Jacob Tarwater in Knox County, Tennessee in 1806. However, if Louvina was a Tarwater, her mother apparently didn’t marry him.

Including Louvina in this list helps close gaps in Mary’s timeline, though, so she is important for that reason.

Louvina/Luvinia Broadway/Tarwater, born 1800-1801, Tennessee

In Part 1 of this series, I mentioned that I would leave the Broadways found in South Carolina in 1790 for a later time. That time has come because there are two Broadways enumerated.

First, we have Charles Broadway in Laurens County, South Carolina. Then there is John Broadaway living in Edgefield County, South Carolina. Finally, we have Jacob Bradaway, in Abbeville County, South Carolina, who received South Carolina militia pay on 17 June 1785 for service in the American Revolution, but nothing further is known about him.

All three counties – Edgefield, Laurens and Abbeville – are part of the old 96 District. Furthermore, the 96 District bordered GEORGIA. In fact, both Abbeville and Edgefield, directly abut the Georgia state line.

This presents even more of a sticky wicket, as none of these men are still in South Carolina in 1800. Charles Broadway died c1793, but his children are unknown.

John and Drury Broadway appear in the 1800 census of Edgefield County, but how or if they are related to the earlier men is unknown.

There is a Drury Broadway who served as a private in the War of 1812, specifically Bunch’s Regiment of East Tennessee in 1814. He was born c1781, South Carolina, the son of John Broadway, and died in 1857 in Wayne County, Tennessee, which is in western Tennessee, bordering the Alabama state line.

Whether or not it is significant I don’t know, but Drury had a son named Smith, born c1825 in Tennessee, still at home in Wayne County in 1850.

Could Drury perhaps be related to “my” family? Well, he was in eastern Tennessee is 1814 and the Broadway name is rare there in that era, but that isn’t any kind of proof. Just yet another possible clue.

While I have learned a lot more about this family, I am not any closer to knowing which Farmer or Broadway that Mary married, nor do I have any idea of her maiden name.

Assuming that the clues I’ve collected are accurate, it looks like Mary may have been born in a South Carolina county on the state line with North Carolina, married Mr. Farmer and lived in North Carolina long enough for Nancy to have been born there c1794.

Mr. Farmer then passed away, either in the Carolinas or Georgia, and Mary then married Mr. Broadway, say in 1795. Elizabeth Broadway was born while they lived in Georgia, probably c1796 or so, and the family moved on to eastern Tennessee, where daughter Margaret Broadway was born, about 1798.

Mr. Broadway likely died in eastern Tennessee and Mary married (3) John Dulworth in Knox County in 1803.

Do you think I’ll ever be able to finding the missing pieces of this puzzle?





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  1. The Find A Grave website has Margaret Peggy Broadway Smith 1798 – 1874. 8 children, 3 husbands and 2 sisters. It also lists her mother as Elizabeth Dew born 1766 in Edgecombe county North Carolina, and she is buried in the Farmer Family Cemetery with her then husband Benjamin Farmer.

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