Alaska: Links to State Histories

Alaska is unique, as it has no county or county-like divisions within the state. Therefore, today’s list, which is very short,  has a little of everything about Alaska’s history.


1. While every county in the state is listed, links are only provided for titles that no longer fall under U.S. copyright laws. All (almost) links connect to free websites.
2. There are a few instances when a book has been digitized, but is only found on a paid site. In that case, no link is inserted, but a note as to the website where it has been found is given.
3. When a state history has also been found in digital format, it is listed in the STATE section that precedes the county list. I have limited STATE entries to those with county histories/biographical volumes in them.
4. There are a number of counties that DO have histories written, BUT they remain copyrighted material. Therefore, if a county has NONE after its name, it doesn’t mean there is no county history, just that none has been digitized. It’s also possible that the only digitized county history is included in one of the state volumes, so be sure to check those entries.
5. If the book is on FamilySearch, you will need a free account to access it. This list does NOT include town histories.
6. When all fifty states have been completed, I will post a PDF of them all.
7. One last note – it is very possible that a book is digitally available on more than one website. I’ve only included links to one site per book.


STATE – An abridged history of Alaska, John W. Brown, Seattle, Washington, 1909.
STATEAlaska and the Klondike gold fields: containing a full account of the discovery of gold. . .practical instructions for fortune seekers, A.C. Harris, National Publishing Company, Philadelphia, 1897.
STATEThe Alaska-Yukon gold book: a roster of the progressive men and women who were the Argonauts of the Klondike gold stampede, Sourdough Stampede Association, Seattle, Washington, c1930.
STATETewkesbury’s who’s who in Alaska and Alaska business index ; containing a biographical index of personal sketches of prominent living Alaskans, an alphabetical directory of business concerns and their owners, a complete directory, William Tewkesbury & David Tewkesbury, Juneau, Alaska, c1947.
STATEHistory of Alaska, 1730-1885, Hubert Howe Bancroft, A.I. Bancroft & Company, San Francisco, 1886.
STATEAlaska, 1899, Copper River Exploring Expedition, William Ralph Abercrombie, Washington, DC, 1900.
STATEThe Gold fields of the Klondike: fortune seeker’s guide to the Yukon region of Alaska and British America: the story as told by Ladue Berry, phiscator and other gold finders, John W. Leonard, A.N. Marquis & Company, Chicago, 1897.
STATEOld Yukon: tales, trails, and trials, James Wickersham, West Publishing, St. Paul, Minnesota, 1938.

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