Update: Family of George Bandy & Celia Sanders of Lawrence & Gallia Counties, OH

I’ve become quite engrossed in new research on the Bandy family, if you haven’t noticed! So many new details were found about the family of Andrew Bandy & Rebecca Wooldridge, who have been the subject of most of June’s posts, that I have been motivated to continue the update and cover the family of Andrew’s brother – George Bandy.

George Bandy was born c1796, Botetourt County, Virginia, the son of John and Lucy Bandy. Her maiden name is said to be Christian, but I haven’t been able to document that.  George died in April 1880, in Gallia County, Ohio, of paralysis and is listed in the federal mortality schedule.

George married Celia Sanders, c1828. She was born c1806, possibly Tennessee or Virginia, and died after 16 June 1880, when she was enumerated living alone in the Walnut Township, Gallia, Ohio census. I have never seen proof of Celia’s parentage, although the Sanders group is linked with my husband’s Sturgell family who lived on the Virginia frontier.

Celia’s census enumerations repeatedly state that she was born in Tennessee, yet the Bandys were in Virginia until about 1829 and migrated to Ohio. George and Celia’s oldest child, Martha Jane, was born in Virginia.

While it sounds like something is a bit amiss here, it really isn’t because these frontier families moved up and down Virginia from the Tennessee border (which was quite uncertain in the early 1800s) and back into Virginia. They also moved through parts of North Carolina and back into Virginia.

When some of the Sturgills left Virginia for Ohio, it is likely the Sanders family migrated with them and met up with the Bandy family at some point before arriving in Ohio. That meeting point may have been where George and Celia married.

Now, to the update on George and Celia’s family! When I wrote about the family four years ago, I was more intent on uncovering details about his brother Andrew’s family and somehow, I never accounted for George and Celia in the 1850 census. That census revealed four more children born to this couple!


  1. Martha Jane, born c1828, probably Botetourt County, Virginia; died 1 April 1890, Gallia County, Ohio of consumption; married Zadock Littlejohn, 25 February 1851, Gallia County, Ohio. Zed, as he was called, was born c1822, Ohio and died between 15 July 1891 and the 1900 census. A land deed dated 15 July 1891 was recorded whereby Zed sold his real estate to his younger brother, Samuel, in return for care in his last years and a decent burial, as Martha predeceased him. I have found no children for this couple and it appears they have no descendants today.
  2. Eliza, born c1829, Ohio; died between 1867-1870, probably in Jackson County, Ohio; married Jeremiah Lambert, 11 February 1849, Gallia County, Ohio. Eliza is enumerated as married and in her parents home on the same day – 9 November 1880. I have to wonder if Eliza was visiting her parents (they lived a stone’s throw away) when the census taker came around so she was included there, but no one said she was married. Then the census taker got to her married home and her husband gave the details about him, his wife and their infant. They were the parents of seven children – Winfield Scott, Patterson, John, George, Zed, Ellen C. and Maria. Jeremiah married (2) Harriet A. (MNU) Smith, 10 February 1870, Jackson County, Ohio.
  3. Louisa Tamzey, born c1813, Lawrence County, Ohio; died 18 May 1908, Gallia County, Ohio of dropsy of the chest; married Samuel Littlejohn, 14 September 1851, Gallia County, Ohio. Samuel was born c1827, Ohio; died 7 March 1898, Gallia County, Ohio of apoplexy. They were the parents of eight children – Eliza Jane, Louisa, Mary E., Virginia, John Thomas, Joseph, Martha and George R.
  4. John, born 9 June 1833, Ohio; died 25 November 1919, Gallia County, Ohio; married (1) Unknown, c1861. John and his first wife were the parents of one son, George, born 1862. (2) Talitha McDonald, 17 September 1866, Gallia County, Ohio. Talitha was born January 1845; died 18 August 1920, Gallia County, Ohio. They were the parents of ten children – Mary Frances, Lucinda, Friend, Franklin, Mary, Sarah, John, Jessie, Charles and Lottie.
  5. William Andrew, born 25 April 1835, Gallia County, Ohio; died 3 April 1926, Pike County, Ohio; married (1) Luvina Wray, 30 December 1856, Gallia County, Ohio. (2) Ara Jane Wilson, 31 October 1870, Jackson County, Ohio. Luvina was the mother of Marquis, Morris, Ella Dora, Rosa and possibly Jennie. Luvina was born c1838; died between 1860-1870 censuses. Jane was the mother of Celia Alice, William Davis, George Clinton, Joseph Corwin, Adelphia May, Katie, Daniel Ray and Nora Luenna.
  6. Virginia Rachel, born c1837; died 28 April 1920, Pike County, Ohio; married George Buchanan, 1 March 1864, Jackson County, Ohio. George was born 4 December 1840/41; died 12 February 1927, Columbus, Franklin, Ohio. They were the parents of seven children – William Emerson, Charles O., John Curtis, Chesley, George Newton and Margaret and Ina Delia.
  7. Thomas Corwin, born 15 April 1839, Gallia County, Ohio; died 9 February 1909, Pike County, Ohio; married Amanda Melvina Neal, 16 April 1866, Gallia County, Ohio. Amanda was born 9 November 1845; died 5 January 1918, Pike County, Ohio. They were the parents of 13 children, 12 of whom were living in 1900 – Charles, George, Sedalia M., Jenny, Tamzie, Samuel, Lucy, Edgar Leftridge, William, Anna, Ella and Corwin.
  8. Mary, born c1841, Gallia County, Ohio; at home in 1850; no further record.
  9. Patterson, born 10 July 1846, Gallia County, Ohio; died 6 August 1914, Pike County, Ohio; married Candace A. Rose, 28 October 1868, Gallia County, Ohio. She was born c1851; died between 1880-1900 censuses. They were the parents of six known children – Margaret, Mary Hannah, Andrew Franklin, George Otis, Patrick C. and Emma Estelle.
  10. Emily/Emiline, born c1848, Gallia County, Ohio; living with George and Virginia Buchanan in the 1870 census, working as a domestic. No further record.
  11. Margaret, born c1849, Gallia County, Ohio; died 25 March 1901, Symmes Township, Lawrence, Ohio of consumption; unmarried. Maggie worked as a housekeeper. No known descendants.

Over the next couple of weeks, there will be family sketches of George and Celia’s seven children who had families of their own – Eliza, Tamzey, John, William, Virginia, Thomas and Patterson.


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