Thomas Corwin Bandy & Amanda Melvina Neal of Pike County, OH

We are moving along through the Bandy descendants with just two more of the children of George Bandy & Celia Sanders to cover.

Today’s subject is Thomas Corwin Bandy, the seventh child and third son of George and Celia, born on 15 April 1839, Gallia County, Ohio. He died on 9 February 1909 in Pike County, Ohio. He is sometimes called Corwin in the records.

Thomas married Amanda Melvina Neal on 16 April 1866 in Gallia County.

Amanda was born 9 November 1845 and died on 5 January 1918 in Pike County. In 1900, she reported having given birth to thirteen children with an amazing 12 of them still living. Just an aside, but Amanda must have been quite a hardy woman!

Children (All born in Gallia County unless noted otherwise.):

1. Charles Franklin, born 5 January 1867; died 15 April 1930, Fayette County, Ohio; married Fannie Cook, c1902. She was born 4 August 1884; died 3 July 1967, Dayton, Montgomery, Ohio. They were the parents of nine children – James Corwin, Loren Eugene, Garnet M., Charles William, Roy G., Hazel M., Ralph Leonard, Edith Belle and Ruby Jane.
2. George, born 5 November 1868; died 31 July 1953, Madison County, Ohio; married Anna Belle Fletcher, 21 October 1909, Ross County, Ohio. She was born 1878; died 23 April 1962, Madison County, Ohio. They were the parents of three children – Geneva Melvina, Carl Maxwell and Clyde Robert.
3. Sedalia, born 28 August 1870; died 29 November 1944, Pike County, Ohio; married Cassibianca Durham, 24 December 1891, Pike County, Ohio. Cass was born 28 February 1867; died 27 November 1935, both in Pike County, Ohio. They had no children.
4. Virginia (Jenny), born 27 June 1872; died 17 December 1962, Spokane County, Washington; married William Albert Marshall, 11 April 1906, Ross County, Ohio. William was born c1877; died 13 June 1960, Spokane County, Washington. They were the parents of one son – William A.
5. Tamzie Ada, born 22 August 1875; died 19 August 1954, Fayette County, Ohio; married Vinnie Austin Hamilton, 17 June 1903, Franklin County, Ohio.  Vinnie was born September 1876; died 2 September 1964, Franklin County, Oho. Corwin and his wife must have thought a lot of Samuel and Tamzie Littlejohn, as they named their boy-girl twins after them. So cute! Tamzie and Vinny had no known children.
6. Samuel, born 22 August 1875; died 13 June 1960, Pike County, Ohio; unmarried; no known descendants. He lived with his twin and her husband in 1940.
7. Lucy Etta, born 16 August 1877; died 24 May 1964, Pike County, Ohio; married William Arthur Clark Jr., 29 April 1903, Franklin County, Ohio. He was born 16 February 1881; died 4 June1959, Franklin County, Ohio. They were the parents of one son – Malcolm Edward.
8. Edgar Ezra Leftridge, born 26 January 1879/80; died 3 March 1935, Fayette County, Ohio; married Lena Irene Clements, c1912. She was born 26 September 1889; died 10 August 1973, Fayette County, Ohio. They were the parents of eleven children – Eva Edith, Edgar Ezra, Alice Irene, Nellie Joan, Harry Scott, Kenneth Winfred, Victor Eugene, Calvin Coolidge, Virginia Lou, Ruth Irene and Donald Lee.
9. William, born September 1881; died 1955; married (1) Loa Della Parrill, 17 February 1904, Pike County, Ohio. In 1910, Della was living with in-laws in Clark County, Ohio, but William was not there. (2) Effie (MNU), before 1920. Effie was born c1882; died 21 November 1961, Clark County, Ohio. William and Effie are buried together. No known children with either wife.
10. Anna Elizabeth, born 16 October 1884/88; died 29 November 1947, Genesee County, Michigan; married (1) Grover Cleveland Ferguson, 14 October 1911, Pike County, Ohio. By 1920, Grover was back home and listed as divorced. (2) John Richard Westfall, 10 January 1928, Marion County, Ohio. He was born 11 August 1896; died 26 July 1983, Genesee County, Michigan. No children with either husband.
11. Ella Dora, born January 1887, Pike County, Ohio; died after 1947, when she is listed with Vernon in the Flint city directory; married Vernon Phillips Goodrich, 18 March 1916, Allegan County, Michigan. He was born 31 January 1893/96; died 12 May 1972, Genesee County, Michigan. They were the parents of five children – Anna Winifred, Ruth Genevieve, Vernon Phillip, Edwin Donald and Dorothy E.
12. Thomas Corwin, born 28 July 1889, Pike County, Ohio; died 5 February 1960, Genesee County, Michigan; married Mary Lee Anderson, c1913. She was born 10 March 1893, Lawrence County, Ohio; died 20 October 1960, Genesee County, Michigan. They were the parents of nine children – Thomas Corwin, Helen Mae, Herman Ellsworth, Malcolm Samuel, Alvin Austin (Jack), Ralph Edward, Rosa Bell, Richard Lowell and Robert Lee.

Although five of Corwin’s and Amanda’s children had no children of their own, there are many descendants of this family because the other seven children had a total of 39 children between them.

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