Samuel Littlejohn & Tamzey Louisa Bandy of Gallia County, Ohio

Today, we will look at the family of Samuel Littlejohn and Tamzey Louisa Bandy, who lived their lives in Gallia County, Ohio, along with a few short time periods next door in Lawrence County.

Tamzey Louisa Bandy was born c1831 in Lawrence County, Ohio, the third child and third daughter of George and Celia (Sanders) Bandy. She died on 18 May 1908 in Gallia County with her death record giving her age as 79 years, 9 months and 17 days. That yields a birth date of 1 August 1828, off by 3 years based on her reported age on census records. Given that her sisters were born c1828 and c1829, the 1831 birth year is more likely.

Tamzey married Samuel Littlejohn on 14 September 1851 in Gallia County, Ohio.

Life was not easy for the Littlejohn family. Samuel’s occupations are listed as coal miner, farmer and laborer, all jobs requiring intense physical labor.

Their lives were also touched by much sadness as Tamzey reported in 1900 that she had given birth to 7 children, but only 3 were living by the turn of the 20th century. In reality, records show she gave birth to 8 children with 3 surviving in 1900.

Children (All events in Gallia County unless noted otherwise) :

1. Eliza Jane, born 30 October 1854; died 7 March 1865.
2. Louisa, born c1855; died after 1860; no further record.
3. Madaline Mary, born 28 February 1858; died 12 March 1917, Ross County, Ohio; married William Henry Jones, c1880. He was born 1859; died 1933. They were the parents of seven children, five living in 1900 – Chester, Lulu, Minnie, Samuel and Archer.
4. Virginia, born August 1860; died after 1920; married (1) Andrew J. Kinnison, c1883  (2) Anderson McDaniel, 2 October 1898. Anderson was born c1853; died c1899. Jennie gave birth to 7 children with three living in 1900 – Edward and Walter Kinnison and Celia McDaniel.
5. John Thomas, born 3 February 1863; died 8 February 1947, Eugene, Oregon; married Sarah Kinnison, 19 July 1895. They had no children.
6. Joseph, born 7 May 1867; died 9 May 1867
7. Martha, born c1869; at home in 1870; no further record
8. George R., born 17 March 1872; died 29 January 1874

Samuel and Tamzey might well have descendants living today, but none with the Littlejohn surname. Daughters Madaline and Virginia had eight living children between them in 1900.



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