Jeremiah Lambert & Eliza Bandy of Gallia & Jackson Counties, OH

Little is known about the life of Eliza Bandy, second daughter and second child of George and Celia (Sanders) Bandy of Lawrence and Gallia Counties, Ohio.

Eliza was probably the first of her siblings to be born in Ohio, likely Lawrence County, where her parents first settled, c1829. She died between the birth of her last known child in 1867 and 10 February 1870, the day that her husband remarried.

Eliza married Jeremiah Lambert, 11 February 1849, Gallia County, Ohio. He was born c1827, Ohio; died 23 December 1886, Scioto County, Ohio, where he is buried.

Jeremiah married (2) Harriet A. (MNU) Smith, 10 February 1870, Jackson County, Ohio. Jeremiah had one daughter, Maggie, with Harriet, who was a widow with one child of her own when they married.

Whether Eliza died in Vinton County, where the family was living in 1860, or in Jackson County, where Jeremiah lived and remarried in 1870, is unknown. No grave site has been found for her.

The Lamberts likely moved from place to place because Jeremiah was a blacksmith and he went where the local jobs were to be found.

Jeremiah and Eliza were the parents of seven known children. All were born in Ohio, although the counties are unknown:

  1. Winfield Scott, born 9 December 1849, probably Lawrence County, Ohio, as his parents lived there at the time of the census; died 15 September 1918, Fergus County, Montana; married Senie M. Allen, 28 September 1873, Scioto County, Ohio. She was born 27 December 1854, Ohio; died 26 January 1915, Fergus County, Montana. They were the parents of three children – James, Matilda and Clyde.
  2. Patterson, born February 1852; died after 1920; married Ellen Brookover, c1874. She was born c1854, Ohio; died after 1920. However, in that census, the couple wasn’t living together (and hadn’t since before the 1900 census) and each said they were widowed. They were the parents of five children – Emma, John Ernest, Mervin, Jeremiah and Orville Howard.
  3. John, born c1856; at home in 1870; no further record.
  4. George, born c1858; at home in 1880 with parents and siblings in Lawrence County, Ohio. His occupation was blacksmith. No further record.
  5. Zadock (Zed), born c1860, probably Vinton County, Ohio, as his parents lived there during the 1860 census; died after the 1900 census, when he lived in Pike County, Ohio; married Sally C. McDaniel, c1884. Sally was born in June 1868, Ohio; died after 1900. They were the parents of three children, with two surviving in 1900 – Jesse William and Leafy M.
  6. Ellen, born c1864; at home in 1880; no further record
  7. Maria, born c1867; at home in 1880; no further record

There are a few missing pieces in the Lambert family, as Jeremiah’s obituary stated that he left six children. Winfield, Patterson and Zed were living in 1900. His daughter with Harriet, Maggie, was also living in 1900, so there are four of the six children.

Jeremiah’s son John probably died before 1880. That leaves George, Ellen and Maria, but which two survived Jeremiah and were they living in 1900?

I would love to hear from descendants of Jeremiah and Eliza and hope they can help fill in a few more details.

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